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An Interview with Arden_Starr!

Interviewed on March 7th, 2004 by Roxycaligirl101

NTMI: Hello! It's Roxycaligirl101, again. I was able to hunt down the Neopian Times Regular, Arden_Starr for an interview on Sunday, March 7, 2004. I was very excited to interview the British diva! She and I had a great interview which was approved by her Spotted Kougra, LandriStarr. You shall not get clawed by Landri for reading this interview, so please continue reading without fear.
NTMI: Thanks for granting me this interview, Arden_Starr.

Arden_Starr: No problem, it's my pleasure!

NTMI: How did you come to discover the wonderful world of Neopets?

Arden_Starr: Well I saw an article about Neopets in a magazine. At first, I was skeptical. But one day, my friend Shadiyah (wafty on Neopets) was round at my house and we decided to try it. We became totally addicted!

NTMI: It's hard not to get addicted to Neopets.

Arden_Starr: I agree; you think it's going to be really babyish and young, but some of the themes are in fact really adult.

NTMI: You have quite an interesting screen name. How did you come up with it? Does it mean something special?

Arden_Starr: Well I have loved the name Arden since I was little, mainly because I'm a cosmetic junkie. I love make-up by Elizabeth Arden!

NTMI: What about the Starr?

Arden_Starr: An English comedian named Freddy Starr inspired me. He's hilarious!

NTMI: Very cool. Are you cosmetic junkie on Neopets, too?

Arden_Starr: Ah, yes! I'm forever in the Grooming Parlour. I have the full set of lipsticks and my pets are pretty pampered.

NTMI: Haha. That doesn't surprise me. I bet my pets wish they were as lucky as yours.

NTMI: What was the best thing you remember about Neopets when you joined?

Arden_Starr: The first thing I remember from when I first joined was the Fruit Machine, because on the very first try I won! Ever since then, I've been obsessed with it and never forget to spin it once a day.

NTMI: You won you're first try? You must be a very lucky girl. I swear it took me at least a hundred spins before I won!
NTMI: What is a typical day in Neopia consist of for you? Besides, spinning the great old Fruit Machine?

Arden_Starr: Well first I feed my pets and get the daily freebies. Then, I might read a bit of the NT. After that, I'll probably hang out in my guild, Neopian Continental. The members are really friendly, especially the owner, kietsa.

NTMI: How did you discover The Neopian Times?

Arden_Starr: I was feeling bored in my first week of joining and began reading. Straight away I was hooked, especially by the really helpful articles. That very day, I wrote my first article and sent it in to the Times!

NTMI: How did you decide you wanted to write your first article about Princess Fernypoo?

Arden_Starr: Well I had a major obsession with Cheat and having lost for the third time in a row to the spoilt princess. I became curious to find out more about her. I put her name into the search bar and lo and behold! There was a fair bit written about her. It seemed she had a very vivid past and was the ideal subject for my first article, Princess Fernypoo: Spoiled Brat or Simply Misunderstood?

NTMI: How did you feel when you got that acceptance letter in your inbox?

Arden_Starr: Absolutely over the moon! I ran around the room screaming, hugged my parents, even danced with my dog! (Believe me, my Labrador wasn't too happy about that!)
Arden_Starr: Unfortunately, I was going on holiday the day it was due to be published. I had to wait four days before I could see my article in print.

NTMI: Awww, I'm sorry!
NTMI: Then, you wrote a short story,The Unwelcome Vistor, about your Neopet LandriStarr and her stay at the Hotel Opera with unexpected visitor. Were you always sure this story had to be about your own Neopet and not some other character?

Arden_Starr: Not at first, but Landri has a passionate temperament and I was sure she would murder me if I didn't write something about her! She seemed perfect for the storyline and I was happy with the decision for her to be the main character.

NTMI: You're still living so I guess Landri approved of the story, eh?

Arden_Starr: Yes, thank goodness!

NTMI: Then, you threw in another article before publishing your first series, Eleanor's Gift. How did you decide you wanted to write a series?

Arden_Starr: I had an idea about an Ixi overcoming all the odds to pursue her dream and knew it couldn't be written in one story. So, I decided to chop it into six smaller parts.

NTMI: I see. Any chance well see any more of this Ixi? Any more parts of her story that the world of Neopia needs to see?

Arden_Starr: Maybe in the distant future, who knows! I'm happy right now with the future to remain as mystery...

NTMI: You published a series of short stories featuring your Neopet, Dayon and the famous Old Mother Charm. How did you think up such creative characters for your short stories?
NTMI: Landri was in there, too. We can't forget that feisty Kougra *wink* I don't want to be injured because I forget to mention her.

Arden_Starr: Ha, she'll be flattered you called her "feisty" though! Dayon is a the polar opposite of Landri, being peaceful and calm, and I thought it would be great to put their contrasting personalities together. As for old Mother Charm, she came from my twisted mind! I love her for some reason. Mind you, I've loved witches in stories since I was little.

NTMI: She certainly is a very interesting character. I'd have to agree with you, I love for her for some reason, too. I'm not sure why though, I think it's because she's so interesting and different than the norm of characters in the Times.

Arden_Starr: Yes I think so too. Thank you for saying so, by the way!

NTMI: You're welcome. Any chance you'll have a comic published in The Neopian Times so you'll have work displayed in all four sections?

Arden_Starr: Oh I wish I could, but I can't draw for toffee! I enjoy reading the comics (they're a good laugh) but I'm afraid there's no chance I could ever manage to get accepted in that section!

NTMI: I understand what you mean, I can't draw to save my life. My sister got all the art genes in my family. Darn her! Hehe.
NTMI: What was your favorite Short Story to write for The Neopian Times? Why?

Arden_Starr: My favourite was probably my first Old Mother Charm story because it was the debut of Dayon and Old Mother Charm. I also spent a lot of time on it. My stories don't get that much fanmail usually, but that one got the most.

NTMI: Who is your favorite character that you dreamed up? Lemme guess....Old Mother Charm?

Arden_Starr: How did you know? Are you psychic?!

NTMI: Yes, I confess.
NTMI: You know the Kau Seer? That's really me in a Kau suit but shhhh! Don't tell!

Arden_Starr: My lips are sealed.

NTMI: Oh, thanks. My secret is safe. Just a word of caution, stay away from mysterious and shadowy figures. I have to use my gift to help out fellow NT authors.

Arden_Starr: *laughs* I'll bear that in mind,Psychic Roxy.

NTMI: What was your favorite article to write for the NT?

Arden_Starr: I'd say my article, "Are Neofriends A Thing Of The Past?" because:
A-it managed to get on the front page, which has never happened to me before
B-it accumulated a lot of support from my friends and included all their opinions
C-it was a subject I felt extremely passionate about.

NTMI: What was your favorite thing to write overall out of short stories, articles, or series?

Arden_Starr: I would say a series because you get the joy of creating your own story and can make it as long as you want.

NTMI: What are your plans for the future at The Neopian Times? Any possible sneak peeks you can offer us?

Arden_Starr: To be honest, Roxy, I'm not sure what the future holds for me. I guess I need some inspiration! Perhaps I shall continue with some more Old Mother Charm stories. Who knows? I do know, however, that my petpets have been clamouring to write articles ever since Livvy the Whoot's article appeared in the NT!

NTMI: I could tell you what the future holds for you, I am psychic. *concentrates* You shall write more...there you go.

Arden_Starr: That's amazing! You have a really rare gift!

NTMI: I know, it is quite a burden at times though.
NTMI: If you could describe yourself as a writer with one word, what would it be?

Arden_Starr: Fickle

NTMI: Why?

Arden_Starr: Because I could spend hours writing a story, planning it, checking it and adding as much vivid imagery as possible and then all of a sudden, get bored with it and want to write something else.

NTMI: That's not necessarily a bad thing though. You write amazing stories and articles which make it past you because they are extra special.

Arden_Starr: Thank you so much!

NTMI: No problem. What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from The Neopian Times?

Arden_Starr: That persistence is a virtue. You must never give up, even if you're rejected. A fair few stories of mine were rejected and even though I felt like sulking, I carried on making them better until they were accepted. If anybody is reading this and has given up hope, you WILL get accepted someday!

NTMI: I totally agree. That is a wise piece of advice and great lesson right there.
NTMI: You've won quite a few trophies in your days in Neopia. Any other special trophies catch your eye that you'd like in your look-up?

Arden_Starr: Definitely. It took me months to get Site Spotlight, which I still regard as my greatest triumph. I would especially like a Storytelling trophy, just like you! That's probably my next goal, but so far there's been no luck.

NTMI: Just keep trying! You'll get someday!

Arden_Starr: It's good you have faith in me, I'll keep on working at it.

NTMI: All right, here's the worst question for you. Confess! Confess something stupid, embarrassing, or funny you've done on Neopets.

Arden_Starr: Hmmm.... there's too many. I'm a pretty stupid person! I once bought a WAY overpriced Bottle Of Red Sand for about 5000 NP (I was VERY stupid, and in my defense, I was a newbie!!!!)

NTMI: Hehehe. We've all made mistakes! You were a newbie and we all do stupid things as newbies! I know I've done plenty of them.

Arden_Starr: Ah well, we learn from our mistakes. Don't we?

NTMI: I should hope so. Bought anymore sand for 5000 NP?

Arden_Starr: No, I think I learned my lesson well and truly!

NTMI: Very good. I'm glad you did.
NTMI: This is the open ended and last question, is there anything you'd like to add to your interview? Shout-outs, declarations of war, advice to others?

Arden_Starr: Just to keep writing from the heart, that's what I do. And to tell stoneman3x I am VERY jealous of him!

NTMI: Thanks for interview and I'll alert Stone.

Arden_Starr: Thank you, it was my pleasure. Bye Roxy, good luck with your fortune telling!

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