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An Interview with Random_joy!

Interviewed on May 28th, 2004 by RiderGirl333

NTMI: Hello Random_Joy, and welcome to your NTMI Interview! *Insert cheesy theme song here* *audience applauds* So tell me, how did you find out about Neopets?

Random_joy: *giggles* Well, I have to thank my great friend Jchukid from my old school for that. He really is a great friend. I was at school one day and he just went, 'hey look at this website I joined, cool huh?'. I took one look at it and BANG! I just went 'ooooh I'm gonna join!'. Of course I did lose the password for my first account and all, but I made a second one called Culbo1. ^-^

NTMI: Awesome. So how did you come up with your screen names? (Culbo1 and Random_Joy)

Random_joy: My family nickname is Culbo, and that was my first account that I lost the password to. So then I made a new one. I have some cool pets on that account, including a halloween Krawk which I'm sure is the first one painted that colour. As for Random_Joy, I think I was half mad at the time. I remember I had a thing on the Help Chat where at a random time I'd just give out stuff to people. I called it a Random Joy attack. I then decided to create the account since there was none. I had it sitting around for a while until I remembered I had it.

NTMI: That was wicked nice of you! So was Giving really an accident?

Random_joy: Hehe, thanks! ^-^
Yes he really was. I left my seat to get a glass of water and my brother jumped on. At first I was going to have a Zafara, but he picked an Ixi. He saw on the list of names I had written Lamb_of_Giving. He thought it was a male name and picked that Giving be male. I nearly throttled him when I found out what he'd done. I got used to it though. (I've learned that you can get used to anything if given time) I never really meant for Giving to be the Ixi he is. He was supposed to be nice, but somehow he just evolved into this stubborn obnoxious brat.

NTMI: LOL. Brothers can be like that. So what inspired you to start writing for the Times?

Random_joy: I've always loved writing and drawing, I got inspired to draw from Sailor Moon and Pokemon, lol, long story there. Anyway, I just saw all those comics in the NT and I thought 'Hey I can do this, I've got what it takes'. My first comic I entered from my Culbo1 account got picked first time with no hassles. I was so happy about it that I tried to continue it, but it didn't work out. Then I remembered about Giving and something just clicked and I started work on a comic involving him.

NTMI: Awesome. What about your other pets? When did you get them and create their personalities? (Especially Heiwami. I love her history and her stories. When did you start writing about her?)

... OK, that's two questions in one message but hey...

Random_joy: I don't quite know why I got Heiwami. I wanted a pet that I could relate to I think, and a Usul is just what I found I liked. And Tora, um.... I just had a spare space I wanted to fill up, and I love tigers ^-^; I didn't really create their personalities, it was more like they emerged, like I was finding out who they were already. I felt that Heiwami always had a sadness inside. I had to find out her history, not create it. I know its strange, but somehow it works. I haven't exactly finished her stories, I have one more to go, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.

NTMI: That's not strange at all. So where do you come up with ideas for your comics?

Random_joy: There's heaps of places that I get my inspiration from. The best times are when I'm about to fall asleep, I'm on a road trip, when I'm in school and am bored or of my mind, and in church. For my Valentine's one, my friend and I had that actual fight over a bunch of flowers and then she said that I should use it for a comic, and I did. I have a little book that I like to write in when I get an idea. There's heaps of small comics in there that are still in the making. A lot of people would look at it and go huh? though.

NTMI: LOL! I know what you mean. If you don't mind me asking, what's your fascination with Turdles?

Random_joy: TURDLES?! Where!! Eeee!! *runs around in squares* Oh wait.... hehe, um... *blush* Those Turdles don't like me much. Even when I give them really good foods like baked beans they won't win the stupid races! And then they kidnapped me and that... it took them 3 hours to get out the front gate. x_X

NTMI: You poor, poor person. ;) Victim of Turdle kidnappings. How traumatic. So what does a normal day in Neopia consist of for you?

Random_joy: A normal day? 0_o I don't think anything I do is normal on there, but anyway, its usually just the daily stuff. The bank, tombola, wheel of excitement, ect. And then comes the most bizzare routine of my day, answering fanmail. That takes up most of my time on there. If I do get to finish my fanmail, then I head off and lurk on the chat boards. I used to go on the HC, but now I like the FC better because a lot more people recognise me on there.

NTMI: Fans luv ya! ;) Why did you name your petpets after veggies? (If you don't mind me asking.)

Random_joy: I have no idea why I did that... It started with Onion and after that it snowballed. They're all named after stuff I hate though.

NTMI: *gasp* YOU HATE ONIONS? *squee!* You... you... you onion-hater-person, you!

*cough* What I meant to say was, thanks for the interview. Have you got anything more to say to our Neopian Times-reading friends out there?

Random_joy: ^-^ Its been a great interview thanks Rider!
Um, well, what can I say? Let's see;
1. Beware the Turdles
2. Listen to those little voices in your head
3. Dance like nobody's watching
4. The best time for writing/drawing is when you're sleepy
5. And finally, never bug someone who has a frying pan
And that's it from me *hugs*

NTMI: I lied. I do have one last question for you.


Random_joy: Ahh! Scary! ^-^; Okay, um... I'd better ask the little voice in my head... Oh, she said that if you start by drawing the eye first then you can draw anything... I dunno, but its all a matter of basic shapes and developing your own preferences. And practice, you MUST practice! It took me about, erm, let's say 4 years to learn how to draw ^-^

NTMI: Four years? That's a long time. Anyway, now THAT'S the end of the interview. Thanks for your time and say hi to the voice in your head for me!

Random_joy: Hehe -^_^- Yeah! That rocked! *dances*

NTMI: *dances with Random_joy*

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