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And who is this?

Biographies? What biographies?

You head for the back of the library, hunting down these stories of (hopefully famous) people. Sure enough, here's a shelf and it has the names of pets you recognize. There's the ubiquitous King Coltzan. Farther along are lesser known pets, some you recognize only from appearances in the Neopian Times.

And along the bottom shelf are a set of thick books that turn out to be biographies of just about every evil being in the "Gallery of Evil". You gingerly pull one or two out to check the titles. Yup, definitely evil.

You finally decide to pick out...

by Scriptfox Written on January 4th, 2003 at 01:04 AM

1.The Esophagor's Esophagus
2.Gah! You have to do a stupid report on John Lotterpaw...
3.Eek! This book is too scary!!
Tell us what happens next!