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Island Madness!!

You look at the book, which seems to have an odd aura about it. The book has a photograph of the lush tropical jungles of Mystery Island. It looks like an interesting read, so you decide to open it.

Big mistake. A spear shoots out from the book, clipping your ear. With a yell, you slam the cover closed. The spear sticks through the cover, waving at you angrily. Suddenly, you hear loud, fast drums and war-like shrieks emit from the pages. You desperately try to hold the cover shut, but in the end it bursts open. Brown scarred paw covered with toothed jewelery reach out and grab you, and you can only scream one last time as they drag you in...


The brown tattooed paws drag you away, wild voices chattering into your ears. Confused, you look around. Dozens of island lupes are crating you towards a large volcano. Boiling magma erupts from it as you look down at yourself, bewildered.

Things are looking dire. It appears as though this tribe is taking you for sacrifice!! What can you do?...

by Al_the_chia Written on January 12th, 2003 at 07:07 PM

1.Start singing
2.Run Away!!!
Tell us what happens next!