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And outside we find...

You decide the library and librarian are a bit too creepy for you. You exit the front door and stare around at the huge cavern that comprises the Deep Catacombs.

As you wander around, you automatically glance over the activities available. Some pets are reading poetry in one corner. Some aishas are telling stories around a campfire. There's the coffee shop, too, and of course the art gallery.

You grin as you catch sight of your reflection in the crystallized surface of the cave wall. As expected, you see a...

by Administrator Written on January 3rd, 2003 at 10:54 PM

1.Christmas Kyrii with her hair perfectly done
2.A brown elephante with a few too many years
3.Vampiric Grarrl, with pale scales, red eyes, and a long black cloak.
4.Blue chia, with a white labcoat and owlish glasses.
5.uh-oh, not that!