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Maybe it's a new hidden tower weapon?

You begin reading the first page and WHAM -


Gender : Female
Appearence :

Location : Battledome

You feel it as your joints are unlocking - you are recovering from a freeze attack! Recovering your senses, you take another good stare at your opponent, a white kougra.

You rustle through your equipment, hmmm, meukas snot trail and this zaptwig should give this tuft of white fur a zing. Perhaps this thyoras tear can do something to cover your neck as well.

A few turns later, and quite refreshed by that Jade Scorchstone, you notice one part of your artillery which skipped you eye. A queer green bow with some odd kind of arrow with a black end.

You're opponent is moving fast, so you waste no time in picking it up. When you aim you see that the arrow is indeed a rose, with long thorns, a sharp tip, and a black bud. Dashing a water muffin toward their direction, and beggining to suck their life, you aim and fire. As it zips through the heated air, you notice the base of the bud is turning a little red.

by Sara Written on January 14th, 2003 at 10:52 PM

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