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Fyora's Diary

You pick up the book, and your eyes widen with astonishment. On the cover were the faded words "Fyora's Diary", and the picture of a cloud. You didn't even care if this belonged to the romance section at all - you were just lucky to pick it up!

You open it, and magic seems to pour out of the book. You flip through the many pages, which were all full of dust and dirt, until you settled on a page. You began reading it, when suddenly . . .

"We must make the tower hidden," said Fyora, with her firm yet gentle voice. "Many theives have been wanting to steal from it, although they have not yet succeeded, but I do think that if we do not take action, they will achieve their goal."

You realize that you are no longer in the libary, but rather in the Not-Yet-Hidden Tower! You looked around, gaping at everything around you.

Your book lay in front of you, and you decided to pick it up, just in case. Fyora was about to leave the room when you decided to . . .

by adoriblelapin Written on January 25th, 2003 at 05:18 AM

1.Follow the Faerie Queen
2.Open the book again
Tell us what happens next!