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What?! On the streets?

Quickly, you grab it and start to read. Not realising that the Korbat wasn't lying at all. Hmmm... some stupid story about street pets. But as you turn the page to a profile, suddenly a Lupe in a photo snarls at you. Quickly you snap the book shut, wondering what's going to happen next. Then you open it again - suddenly you're not in the library!


Immediately, you attempt to slam that book shut, but can't. Your paws... they're wild paws. Looking up, you see that the Korbat was right - you ARE in the story! You shudder, hoping that no-one will see you. But someone has... oh god. It's a group of street Lupes!

As they begin to approach, you begin to wonder what to do.

by Kwoiffei Written on March 7th, 2003 at 02:33 AM

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