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Into the Deep Catacombs...

Ah, hello there young neopet! I see you have come for a story. We have many stories here, many tales to be told and read. Look around at these shelves, and delve into as many books as you want. I guarantee there will always be more than you could possibly imagine.

Go on, don't be shy! Look, they're even divided by type of story. Over here, I have adventure stories. If you're looking for romance, try that shelf. Oh, and don't forget the biographies.

If you're looking for history, we have that, too. I'm afraid that much of our source material is in storage, but you can enter that through the side door over there.

by Administrator
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Written on January 1st, 2003 at 05:57 PM

Chosen Option: Ooooh, definitely the romances!

I'm in love!

Upon hearing that word "romances", you know exactly where you're going! You skip over to the romance section and eagerly peer through the titles. These look good!

Let's see, here's a tale set in ancient Sakhmet. Oooh, rivalling families, poison, broken hearts, a hopelessly romantic tragedy!

Hmmmm... Sloth? In a romance? Someone had to be kidding! You flip through the pages and your eyes pop. They weren't kidding! Wow!

Awww, a romance about a pet and her petpet, how cute. It's in modern neopia, too, which makes it even more heart-breakingly real. Hmmm...

Each story seems better than the last, until it almost seems that cartoon hearts must be floating in the air. Finally, you decide to...

by Scriptfox
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Written on January 4th, 2003 at 09:45 AM