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Neopian Times Submissions by Vanessa1357924680

Type:Issue:Title (click on title to read piece)Description:
SR N185 The Crystal Eye Prophecy: Part One "...The Crystal decides what will stay and will change."
SR N186 The Crystal Eye Prophecy: Part Two "Listen," she hissed to the faerie. "If you want to die because of your 'friend' the Fire Faerie, so be it! But, if you actually want to live, you may want to help me!"
SR N225 Roomies: Part One Jhudora woke up to the smell of smoke. Jolting from her dream, she noticed that her lair (cloud and all) was being engulfed by giant red flames...
SR N226 Roomies: Part Two She woke up early one morning as Jesc was leaving the dorm to go to class. "Wait!" Jhudora screeched after her. "I'm coming with you."
SR N227 Roomies: Part Three "What do you want?" she said, tired. Her hair was a mess, sticking all over her face, for she had just crawled out of bed...
SR N266 Roomies 2: Part One The sun was shining, the air was warm, a crisp breeze was blowing through her hair; she couldn't ask for anything more. Summer was here and that meant only one thing to the air faerie: summer vacation...
SR N267 Roomies 2: Part Two Jhudora was determined to stay as far away from Jesc as possible. Pretty much this meant telling her to stay out of her way every day. Jesc, however, didn't miss a beat. She still acted as enthusiastic and happy as always, despite staying in a room for the first month with only her plushies for company...
SR N268 Roomies 2: Part Three The yellow Aisha from the Neopian Planning Committee leaned over the counter of the Tombola with a shocked expression on his face upon finding Jhudora and Jesc hidden under the stand. "What are you doing under there?" he asked...
SR N294 The New Prophecy: Part One "Don't you remember?" Fyora asked restlessly, raking her fingers through her long hair. "Two... two seconds ago you said something, a pr-prophecy... and your eyes were weird, glazed and vacant, and, and... I need PAPER!" she suddenly shouted...
SR N295 The New Prophecy: Part Two Jhudora instantly realized her mistake and bit her lip. Fyora's little mind-wiping frenzy was making things much more complicated...
SR N296 The New Prophecy: Part Three "It's not s-so bad," Fyora lied through chattering teeth. As the Queen of Faeries, she was prepared for practically anything, but this was practically a blizzard!
SR N297 The New Prophecy: Part Four After finding a seat (one which a "generous" Uni had given up to her after being threatened to be turned into a pile of soot), Jhudora sat down in the surprisingly comfortable ice chairs...
SR N298 The New Prophecy: Part Five "What about the green eyes, though?" Illusen asked from her frozen spot, still squirming uncomfortably as coldness seeped into her bones...
SS N330 Our Shopping Trip at the NC Mall "Shopping?" Coldfire inquired, an eyebrow raised. "When did you start liking shopping?"
SR N346 Roomies 3: Part One Her destination was a place most Neopians only dreamed of gaining entrance to: Queen Fyora's palace...
SR N347 Roomies 3: Part Two Jesc frowned. She couldn't explain it, but something just didn't feel right...
SR N348 Roomies 3: Part Three Jhudora wasn't listening anymore. Instead, she had scrambled to her feet and was scanning the ceiling for the faint outline of a trapdoor...
SR N349 Roomies 3: Part Four "I'll lead the way. Just please," he added with desperation towards Jesc, "keep the Weewoo away from me. I'm begging you..."
SR N350 Roomies 3: Part Five "Oh no, oh no, this is not good!" Jim muttered under his breath, pacing while the shimmering sun made its way higher into the sky. Faerieland was waking up now...
SR N351 Roomies 3: Part Six "Come on now, the trial's about to start. Get up and no magic tricks."
SR N352 Roomies 3: Part Seven "That's it, Jhudora!" Mrs. Pierce screamed, her eyes wild with madness. "You'll regret those words!"
SS N359 Misfortune's Comb The Royal Peophin made extra careful preparations so that she would be absolutely gorgeous for win number fifty-two...
SR N364 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part One "Hurry, Mom! I see the ship!" Roselia urged, spotting the grand galleon at the edge of the dock.
SR N365 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Two "Please, Mithy! Promise me that you won't get hurt, that... that no matter what you'll come back for me!"
SR N366 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Three "If you refuse, then, as I've said before, we have no use for you. But I'm sure the Maraquans will accept you with open arms underwater--Oh wait, I forgot." He smiled at her pleasantly. "You can't breathe under there, can you?"
SR N367 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Four Roselia paused in front of him, feeling slight sympathy as she looked at the ragged fur and dim eyes.
SR N368 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Five "Hold your arm out more, boy. That sword's not going to do any damage if you refuse to hold it no more than an inch away from your body!"
SR N369 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Six Captain Faer cupped the gold rings in his giant hands, the jewels glinting in the flickering lantern light in his cabin...
SR N370 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Seven "Captain!" Roselia exclaimed quickly, jerking around to face him, her eyes wide. She hadn't expected him to be up so early...
SR N371 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Eight The pirate Gnorbu stared at the oncoming vessel, his grey eyes focused on the skull and crossbones flag it flew.
SS N372 The Author's Gift "Aww. The poor old man." Trey's mom frowned, spooning out clumps of dough onto a baking sheet. "All alone on the Day of Giving? That just isn't right."
SR N373 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea - Part Nine Mithy caught up with his sister just as the amulet slipped out of her grasp and disappeared into the depths of the ocean.
SR N374 Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Part Ten Emerging into the sunlight of the upper deck, Roselia had prepared herself to see chaos and unrestrained bedlam. But instead...
AR N378 101 Ways to Speak Evilly: Jhudora's Top 3 Excerpts Jhudora bought—well, er... stole—a copy of this book a couple months ago, and sent us a heartfelt review...
SR N393 Roomies 4: Part One Jesc frowned, slipping her stuff into her school bag. Mrs. Pierce had tormented her back when she was a teacher...
SR N394 Roomies 4: Part Two Jhudora shot her a look. "First of all, never call me 'Jhudy' ever again."
SR N395 Roomies 4: Part Three A second later, a wooden door had appeared as if it had always been there along with a brass knob and plaque that read "Faculty Room."
SR N396 Roomies 4: Part Four "You're afraid of taking this Remember-whatever potion, aren't you?"
SR N397 Roomies 4: Part Five The Academy halls were packed with hundreds of faeries. Many of them were strolling by in giggling groups, while the newbies desperately scanned the crowds...
SR N398 Roomies 4: Part Six "Wake up soon, Jesc," Jhudora mumbled, massaging her head with her fingers. "I don't know how much more of this I can take."
SR N399 Roomies 4: Part Seven Jhudora whipped out her wand. "Come on, Illusen," she said, nudging the sobbing earth faerie at her side. "We have to get out."
SR N400 Roomies 4: Part Eight Illusen, meanwhile, didn’t seem to be taking the hit too hard. The earth faerie had easily rebounded out of spite, joining up with a group of new friends.
SR N401 Roomies 4: Part Nine "Isn't this one so pretty?" Jhudora smiled dreamily, gesturing to the Faerieland model. "It's such a pretty little house..."
SR N402 Roomies 4: Part Ten "Jesc, if you go out there, you'll be destroyed!" Jhudora shouted.
SR N403 Roomies 4: Part Eleven "That was some fall you took."

Jesc turned her head slowly to her left, blood rushing painfully as she spotted the faerie seated at her bedside: Queen Fyora.

SR N407 In Other Words: Part One "Awesome show, guys!" Sed exclaimed as the three band members strolled down the dark Altador streets.
SR N408 In Other Words: Part Two "You better hurry up and pack. We're leaving here in about an hour for the Haunted Woods."
SR N409 In Other Words: Part Three "All the greats played here before becoming totally famous. Isn't it awesome?"
SR N410 In Other Words: Part Four Chai's face stretched into a tired smile. "Hey guys, what's up?"
SS N429 Magic, Cake, and Wind Chimes Tourists, she thought to herself with a shiver, glaring at a Kacheek who was oohing and ahhing at the gloomy interior that she had spent years to perfect.
SS N437 Magic and Mustaches "This will be the last time he tries to take over my company with his snazzy Neohomes 2.0!"

With his last exclamation, the drop fell into the bubbling potion. The brew turned bright orange--

SR N444 Princess Bones: Part One Rain came down heavily on the small town of Middleway. The nearby farms of Meridell had wanted a good downpour for months...
SR N445 Princess Bones: Part Two Rina rushed into her history class the next day, letting out a huge sigh of relief when she saw that her teacher wasn't there yet.
SR N446 Princess Bones: Part Three What he had said had to be impossible... and yet it made perfect sense.
SR N447 Princess Bones: Part Four "Sometimes you can't trust anyone, Rina."
SR N448 Princess Bones: Part Five "A secret passage," Saya said simply. "There are tons throughout the castle. They were built to keep the royal family safe in case of an attack."
SR N449 Princess Bones: Part Six "We don't have much time, Rina. You need to choose something."
SR N450 Princess Bones: Part Seven Drawing had always been a personal activity, one she liked to do in the safety of her room, or alone outside under a tree in her front yard. But now she was being watched intently, scrutinized from every angle.
SR N451 Princess Bones: Part 8 Saya looked absolutely stunning as usual, and Rina cheered her on as she recited the Oath of Brightvale and finally had a diamond tiara placed atop her head.
SR N460 Seeded: Part One She clenched her slender fingers into a fist. "We'll take it back and be the most powerful faeries in all of Neopia."
SR N461 Seeded: Part Two Welcome to the Faerieland Library. The words floated into her head with a magical lilt, friendly and soft. What is it you are seeking?
SR N462 Seeded: Part Three Three light faeries in long black robes walked around the pot, throwing in herbs and ingredients that landed into the bubbling brew with plops and hisses.
SR N463 Seeded: Part Four Isabelle couldn't see a thing. The entire clearing had been immersed in a supernatural darkness, heavier and blacker than even the most starless night.
SR N464 Seeded: Part Five "Well, we can basically do whatever we want with it. It's raw magic. It's extremely powerful... the strength of a hundred faeries combined."
SS N467 Scarifying I wasn't scary at all. I was just a joke. Why was I Elliot's petpet in the first place?
SS N470 Clocks His favorite spot in the shop was in the far back, a place where most customers never bothered to go, where tiny spyders lived in the corners and spun silken designs in their webs.
SS N475 The Day of Giving Had anyone walked by the manor on the morning of the Day of Giving, they would have a noticed through the window a small figure sitting underneath the great boughs of the tree. It was a little Kougra...
SR N478 Bottled Beauty: Part One "Celia, what do you think of this?" Milo asked me, picking up a small vase and showing it to me. The top was chipped, a long crack ran down the side, and it was covered with ancient Qasalan engravings.
SR N479 Bottled Beauty: Part Two "Someone posted a pretty list," Milo said, ignoring my science prompt. "Top ten prettiest girls in the school."

"Wooow," I said. "How shallow can people be?"

SR N480 Bottled Beauty: Part Three I glanced at the clock. 7:54. I had let my alarm ring for almost a half hour and hadn't heard it. I was going to be late for school.
SR N481 Bottled Beauty: Part Four "This," said Milo, shaking his head slightly in disbelief, "is incredible."
SR N482 Bottled Beauty: Part Five When I walked into school the next day, I felt like a celebrity.
SR N483 Bottled Beauty: Part Six "Wow," she said breathlessly, fingering a tress of my dark hair. "Your daughter," she told my mother, "is absolutely stunning."
SR N484 Bottled Beauty: Part Seven I had fled to the one place in the Lost Desert I knew I would be alone: the shallow river beyond Coltzan’s shrine.
SS N487 A Conversation with the Darkest Faerie The garden was interwoven with layers of magic, but Xandra knew that it wasn't merely to ensure that the plants would prosper; the garden was for all intents and purposes a prettier looking prison...
AR N488 Clearing the Storm - A Lutari Island Game Guide In Clearing the Storm, you play as Gadden, the blue Lutari wizard who was responsible for clearing the storm and forging the orb that helped make Lutari Island open to the public.
SR N494 The Roomies Ruin: Part One Jhudora never would admit it out loud, but she was somewhat excited for the Faerie Festival.
SR N495 The Roomies Ruin: Part Two Dark faeries are characteristically impatient, but as for the most impatient dark faerie, Jhudora took the cake.
SR N496 The Roomies Ruin: Part Three Faerieland is down to less than 6,000 feet above ground, Jesc read, her eyes wide.
SR N497 The Roomies Ruin: Part Four Now Jhudora was missing—most likely kidnapped— and she could do absolutely nothing.
SR N498 The Roomies Ruin: Part Five "Didn't they just issue an evacuation order about an hour ago? Why would anyone order a statue of Jhudora and have it sent there?"
SR N499 The Roomies Ruin: Part Six "You know," the green Eyrie driver said as they flew low over the ocean, "most of Farieland has been evacuated by now..."
SR N500 The Roomies Ruin: Part Seven Jhuidah, I couldn't get them off Faerieland, any of them.
SS N503 The Chronicle of a Superhero's Best Friend The unheard story of the yellow Krawk who doesn't have any powers.
SR N514 The Thief's Hostage: Part One Today's mission wasn't just any theft. It had been ordered by Kanrik himself. And no one dared to flee a mission ordered by the head of Thieves Guild.
SR N515 The Thief's Hostage: Part Two Instead of there being a door to let her out of the room, there was only a wall entirely made of thick iron bars.

She was in a cell.

SR N516 The Thief's Hostage: Part Three "It's good news that she has money, though it may not be enough," the leader of the Thieves Guild said slowly...
SR N517 The Thief's Hostage: Part Four Amelia's dark eyes were wide and her fur had paled. "There are... thieves in there."

Tony chuckled. "This is the Thieves Guild."

SR N518 The Thief's Hostage: Part Five "The coins were enchanted," her father continued. "In a few hours they'll turn back into carved wooden pellets. And by the time the thieves realize it..."
SR N532 Brainstorm: Part One It was only the lump of utter dread in my throat and some innate sense of morality that had prevented me from shrieking in fright and hiding behind my living room sofa...
SR N533 Brainstorm: Part Two I stared and blinked. And blinked again.

My first thought was that I had somehow acquired a Rainy Day Cloud from the NC Mall...

SR N534 Brainstorm: Part Three I was wet, I was upset, and I was more than just a little frustrated. The little dark faerie that had appeared from nowhere was balanced on my nose, perched on one toe like a ballet dancer.
SR N535 Brainstorm: Part Four She just adjusted her fake bejeweled glasses, glanced at me, and asked, "Any story ideas yet?"


"So we keep walking."

SS N538 One Week We are staying the night at the Wooden Boot, an old inn that smells a little like mothballs and spilled grog and travel-worn leather, but it is nice enough. It was a miracle we could find a place to stay at all...
SS N566 The Storyteller "I'll begin my story in a few minutes downstairs," she said. "Everyone is gathering."
SS N600 Meepit Oaks Sanatorium: Patient 600 When I first received a neomail saying that I was needed at Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for a consultation with a particular mental patient, I had a near panic attack...
AR N602 Creating the Themed Neohome 2.0 of Your Dreams I would like to share with you my tips on how to create the themed Neohome of your dreams!
SS N613 Jhudora's Fashion Line "Do you know how in you are, Jhudora-darling?"
SS N627 Fireworks It's New Year's Eve.
SS N654 Jeran: Guardian of Meridell "I've never really babysat before," Jeran admitted, looking at the small child.
SS N663 Rose vs. Rosie "Dr. Death didn't retire!" the Quiggle exclaimed. "It was all an April Fool's joke!"
SS N668 Teaching and Topiaries "Whaaat?" Jhudora asked, feigning an innocence she certainly did not feel. She and the Faerie Queen were standing in her front garden, staring at a life-sized topiary of a Kau.
SR N675 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part One Dr. Darren Rickshaw sighed, staring at his laboratory set-up somberly.
SR N676 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Two "I was struck by lightning, and now... I'm in... the... future..."
SR N677 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Three He did get to be a scientist's apprentice, somewhat. Darren recruited him to work in the basement laboratory, helping him with his new science project of transporting Parlan back in time.
SR N678 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Four "I hit my head," Darren groaned, rubbing at his scalp. His eyes were screwed up in pain. "What... happened? Did it not work?"
SR N679 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Five I'm an apprentice. Sir Hartwick's apprentice. The thought sent delightful shivers down his spine, and the Shoyru touched the pendant around his neck with a smile.
SR N680 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Six "What's going on?" Parlan mouthed to the orange Wocky.

"Summoning spell," Marlo mouthed back with a grin.

SR N681 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Seven "So, what do you think of Hartwick Hall now that you've been here a few days?"
SR N682 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Eight Darren estimated that he was locked in the dungeon for about two days before he was finally was face-to-face with his captor...
SR N683 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Nine While Sir Hartwick looked to be in a good mood, Marlo did not. She glanced around at everyone, the chalk held tightly in her grip.
SR N684 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Ten "No." Parlan tried to shake his head, but the movement made stars dance before his eyes. "No. There has to be a mistake..."
SR N685 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Eleven "Now that we are all gathered here," Sir Hartwick announced grandly, holding his hands out as if he were on stage, "it is time for you, Sir Rickshaw, to tell me the ingredients for the time travel spell."
SR N686 The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Twelve It was slightly awkward trying to explain to thirty formerly brainwashed apprentices how they had all woken up from a dark spell in the basement of Hartwick Hall dressed in their pajamas.
SS N700 Agent 700 Agent 00 Hog sat at his Cheat table, absent-mindedly flinging card after card across the hall. He was particularly good at flinging playing cards, but today, even that could not hold his attention. It had been a long and rather boring day, the yellow Moehog thought with a sigh.
SR N713 Bottled Faeries Inc.: Part One “So, what brings you to Bottled Faeries Inc.?” I found it hard to answer the question for multiple reasons. For starters, it was quite strange to see Balthazar, the infamous faerie bounty hunter, dressed in a three-piece suit and sitting behind a large mahogany desk.
SR N714 Bottled Faeries Inc.: Part Two I know that people pay a lot of money for a neohome with a nice, ocean view. To me, it doesn’t seem worth it. After twenty-four hours at sea in an enchanted glass bottle, I was pretty sure I had gotten the gist of the ocean; it was just a giant mass of green, choppy, salty water sprinkled with the occasional fish or piece of trash. I was so bored.
SR N715 Bottled Faeries Inc.: Part Three I had never found the dark scary as a young child. I had never trembled in bed at night, conjuring up imaginary monsters that purportedly lurked beneath my bed, behind my dresser, and inside my closet. But after the Kougra thrust my bottle into the depths of his backpack, I felt a jolt of fear unlike anything I had ever experienced before.
SR N716 Bottled Faeries Inc.: Part Four “Well,” I said, adjusting the brim of my sunhat to block out the harsh sunrays, “this was probably the worse thing that could have happened.” Soon after Marty and I had fled Jhuidah’s cooking pot, I had received a neomail. The small, enchanted yellow envelope had repeatedly jammed itself against my thigh until, grudgingly, I had plucked it from the air and opened it.
SS N738 The Dream Stealer But today, the topic was the one thing Fred could not contribute to: dreams. And so the orange Jubjub ate his sandwich in silence.

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