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Interview with LittleLysshu!

On the evening of July 11th, 2002, I made connections with LittleLysshu and we spent an enjoyable and profitable evening talking about her experiences with Neopets...

NTMI: Hello everyone! I'm here today with littlelysshu, whose series of articles have brought a unique and enjoyable perspective to the Neopian Times. Welcome, littlelysshu!

LittleLysshu: Thanks Scriptfox! As the goofs at the Academy Awards say "it's an honor just to be nominated!"

NTMI: Well someone did, and they had a good idea, so here we are... and speaking of 'here', how did you GET here- as in, how did you find Neopets and get started on the whole thing?

LittleLysshu: Well, it's a bit of a strange tale to be honest. My best friend had died a month or so before this happened. I was very, very depressed. It was very unexpected. Anyway, another friend of mine, masoumi, sent me a Neopet to try and cheer me up. It was a Yellow Kacheek. I saw it, and being a huge Pikachu-o-phile, I noticed the similarity...and HAD to have one of my own. That was Wibba27...who got too big for her Kacheek body, and is now a Chomby. That was February of 2001. So Neopets helped with my grieving process. might think this is weird or morbid, but I set up a memorial account for my passed friend, with the kinds of pets I know she would like.

NTMI: No, not strange at all. I saw one time someone saying they had a pet they were setting up a memorial to- but since THEY were asking for donations, I suspect a scam. So when you got to Neopets, how did you decide upon a username?

LittleLysshu: It's a 2-part tale...and I alluded to it in my first Guide to Cheat. (: At the time the Tenchi Muyo anime was playing on Cartoon Network, and I absolutely love it. Little Washu is my favorite character....but I wanted to be more original than to take someone else's character's name. So, since Masoumi and I had been part of an online RPG for a long time together, and my character name in that was "Elyssa" (or Lyssa to her friends) I went with "littlelysshu".
LittleLysshu: My other account names are more creative, and more relevant to me. *_*

NTMI: lol, have you ever gotten anything into the Neopian Times from one of your other accounts?

LittleLysshu: Nope. (: Lysshu is my exclusive writing account.

NTMI: Ok, good, just making sure I hadn't missed anything ;-) So once you were on and started, how did you find the Neopian Times, and what inspired you to start writing for it?

LittleLysshu: be honest, I'm not sure. I'm a writer by nature, and just decided "what the heck!" The first one I got published I wrote when I had been on for only about a week. I decided it would be cute to write an article from one of my pet's perspectives...and Shoygunn struck me as the one with the most free time to write. *_*

NTMI: So Shoygunn's Shoy-Fire Fun Ways To Earn Neopoints were tips all figured out in the space of a week?

LittleLysshu: yup!
LittleLysshu: It kept my mind off my recent I played Neo a LOT, and I'm a quick study.

NTMI: I'd say! So besides writing, what else do you enjoy about Neopets?

LittleLysshu: The pets! They're so freakin' cute!!! That and the games...the ones I can play I've become addicted to. And the faeries!

NTMI: Faeries as in bottled ones, or as something to play with/dream about?

LittleLysshu: The faeries as in the ones that live in Faerieland. (: I just think they're neato. Actually...I matched up the different uber-faeries to my friends one time. (: I'm silly that way.

NTMI: Really? That sounds like another quiz article... "Which Uber-Faerie are you?" but on to our next topic... what are your favorite things to write about for the Times and why?

LittleLysshu: favorite thing that I've written already is " Evil Overlording for Dummies". But really, doing interviews (ala Trading Post Bugs ) is my favorite thing.
LittleLysshu: I just get the most ideas for game guides.

NTMI: I enjoyed the Evil Overlording series, too! But it's your only "story" in the Neopian Times. Is there any hope that we can see other work like that from you?

LittleLysshu: Oh yeah!!! I'm currently hashing over "Indiana Jub and the Wooden Spoon", "Monty Poogle and the Holy Spade", and "Sloth Wars." Not to mention an interview with Kasuki Lu. I love ya Shidi...but more can be said about the Chia Mountain.

NTMI: Looking forward to it! That's certainly a varied and interesting set of ideas. How do you get them?

LittleLysshu: Well...different ways. With my game guides it's easy; I try a game, like it, usually stink at it due to my poor vision...and find ways for sighties to do a lot better. (: Evil Overlords came after I saw a copy of "internet for dummies" in a bookstore...and thought of all the other "for Dummies" things. The disabled neopians pair I had to write...because nobody else was going to.
LittleLysshu: My current batch came out of a desire to write more "Overlords" style things.

NTMI: So once you get that great idea, how long does it take to create the piece from it?

LittleLysshu: Depends. "Overlords" took me two hours, the Disabled Neopians pair took me about a half game guides take about 5 minutes.

NTMI: In other words, the more creativity required, the more time and effort it takes!

LittleLysshu: Basically. *_*

NTMI: So what advice would you give to anyone else thinking about trying to get into the Neopian Times?

LittleLysshu: Well, two things. 1) WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. If you've a passion for poogles, come up with some theories, or interview a poogle racer....or something. 2) BE ORIGINAL. Al_the_Chia didn't get into the Times umpteen zillion times by re-hashing stuff that other people have already done...and frankly, neither did I...though I hesitate to mention myself and Al in the same sentence!

NTMI: Don't be, I'm sure he's flattered by it ;-) And speaking of what we say about other writers, what kind of feedback do you get from your pieces?

LittleLysshu: Positive, almost exclusively. I tend to write "safe" articles...not because I fear controversy or just sort of happens that way. I know I've recieved a few negative pieces...but I tend to take any constructive criticism...and delete the "u suk" mail from my memory.

NTMI: Did you find out more about other "Disabled Neopians" after you wrote your articles about them?

LittleLysshu: Yeah, definitely...and I knew I would. There aren't a whole lot of least not that wrote me...but at least now everyone knows that they're not alone.

NTMI: So your neofriends list grew by some real friends?

LittleLysshu: Well...truth be told, I usually only get neomail for a short period after my articles. I haven't made any permanent neofriendships (as in, people who I correspond with for more than a month) as a result of any of my articles.

NTMI: So where and how do you make friends on Neopia?

LittleLysshu: be honest, I make friends by getting people I know interested in it. *_* There are days when I'm not well enough to get on Neopets (quite a few actually) so I don't actually go looking for friendships on there.

NTMI: Ouch... what would you do if your pets ever sent you a "get well" card?

LittleLysshu: Probably go snuggle my Neopets plushies as proxy to snuggling my Pets.
LittleLysshu: and wonder when reality took a hard left. (:

NTMI: (Laughs) ... I felt a little like that when I put my pets in the Neolodge and then found email from them thanking me for the great time they had when they got out. But back to reality... er.. Neopia. What sort of problems do you notice most often in other writings that are published in the Times?

LittleLysshu: Besides the repetitive, almost excremental quality in some of the short stories/series? Oh wait...did I say that out loud? I know everyone tries very hard, but really, the lack of originality (and proper grammar) are the two biggest problems.

NTMI: Now that we know what the contents are ;-) what about how it's organized? If you could change one thing about how the Neopian Times is laid out, and the categories and such in it, what would it be?

LittleLysshu: That's a toughie. Overall I'm fairly satisfied with it...but I kinda think there should be a "humor" category besides just the comics. There's some FUNNY stuff out there!

NTMI: So what other types of humor should be included?

LittleLysshu: Well, funny shorts like the works of Al_the_Chia (who I will organize a cult to this fall), Evil Overlording and some of the other "humor" series, and some of the funny articles like Shidi's recent interview with Kasuki Lu. *dramatic music*

NTMI: Ahhh, I see! Sort of a "humor alley" then ;-)

LittleLysshu: 'Zactly!

NTMI: So what has been your best experience during your writing career?

LittleLysshu: Do you mean on or off Neopets?

NTMI: Well I meant on it, but if you have an "off" it then by all means let us know!

LittleLysshu: On neopets the very best experience I've ever had is when Josh, one of the NT editors (and the one I work with most often) said (after Overlording) that he really enjoyed my work and hoped they got a lot more from me.
LittleLysshu: Off neopets...the best one was the first time my poetry got published. *_*

NTMI: Oh? Where was that?

LittleLysshu: In a book put out by, called "Dawn's Shadow". Another one's been published too...I don't know the name of the book tho. (: doesn't pay to publish you...but you get to keep the copyright, and get some exposure.

NTMI: Do they have the contents of those books online?

LittleLysshu: yup they do. (: You'll have to use the and use my real name, but you'll find them...and some of my other stuff too.

NTMI: Definitely something to check out, then! Do you have anything else online that we should know about?

LittleLysshu: Yeah, I've got some stuff on under the name "nytbloomer". It's all Harry Potter, LotR fic...and be warned, I've written something that's rather dark and definitely NOT age-appropriate for certain neopians.

NTMI: Or as the phrase might be, "nothing I'd want to bring home to mother" ?

LittleLysshu: Basically. Well...some mothers might be hip to it...but bad stuff happens in that story, and mine is under enough stress.

NTMI: Perfectly understandable! So where do you see your writing leading you in the future?

LittleLysshu: Honestly? to the publishers. I'm working on a book currently; the "Lost Parents' Roadmap to Blind and Visually Impaired Children." It's a "nobody else has written it, so I'd better" type of thing.

NTMI: So how does your loss of vision affect your daily life?

LittleLysshu: Well, in just about every way concievable actually. Right now I've got all the lights off in the house and the window closed because I don't need them (and it's getting darker here), I have to take the bus or a cab (or mooch a ride) everywhere because I don't drive. It takes me 2 hours to fix a meal that is supposed to take a half hour. I can't vacuum or dust because I can't tell if I've missed a spot. My guide dog's needs come before mine at just about all times. I can't read signs. I have my computer set up with uber-huge fonts and icons, and have a broomstick pointer because it's the biggest mouse icon I could find.
LittleLysshu: Should I go on?

NTMI: I think we get the picture... errr, poor choice of words there.... I think I ran out of all the questions I had, did you have anything else you wanted to let us know about?

LittleLysshu: Don't worry about the word choice. (: You can get the picture even if I only get the frame and the mass of swirly colors! Heehee.

NTMI: lol well with the way my computer monitor has been acting lately, I might join you in that...

LittleLysshu: As for things I want you to know...hmm. Well, my writing speaks for me. Just don't judge a book by its cover, quote the immortal words of Bill and Ted..."Be excellent to each other!"

NTMI: All right! Thanks for taking time to talk with us, and good luck in your future endeavors :-)

LittleLysshu: No problem! And don't can't get rid of Littlelysshu, greatest creative genius of the universe that easily! Uh...wait...nevermind...having megalomaniacal Washu moment...

NTMI: Well the next time you feel the urge, write it down for us all to enjoy!

LittleLysshu: Hey, 'spect a nonstop deluge of stuff out of me this next month or three.
LittleLysshu: And tell Al I love him!!!

NTMI: Looking forward to it, and I'll certainly pass that on, hehe!

LittleLysshu: *_* Thank you for the honor of interviewing me...and I hope to see more from you too!

NTMI: It's a promise! And now, I'll sign this off and let our readers go see what you've done in the past.....

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