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Interview with Lindy_Guo!

On the afternoon of July 26th, a window popped up on my computer from Lindy_Guo. Seizing this heaven-sent opportunity, I immediately scrambled for my interview materials and we began talking...

NTMI: Good afternoon, everyone. I'm here today with Lindy_guo, whose articles have definitely been worth reading, particularly if you want to name that neopet... welcome, Lindy!

Lindy_Guo: Thanks, Foxy

NTMI: Our first question is, how did you find Neopets?

Lindy_Guo: To tell the truth, I was dragged on Neopets. I had this friend named Karina who was very obsessed with Neopets. And she pretty much forced me to sign up.
Lindy_Guo: She wouldn't stop nagging until I did. So, I signed up with Neopets.

NTMI: What happened after she dragged you to the computer and tied your hands to the keyboard then?

Lindy_Guo: Well, I thought 'This is pretty cool!'
Lindy_Guo: I really liked the economic part of Neopets.
Lindy_Guo: Like running your own shop and things like that.

NTMI: Buying, selling, making neopoints and losing them, in other words.

Lindy_Guo: Yup. Being in a traditional Chinese family, I wasn't given much economic freedom so Neopets turned out to be a perfect practice ground.

NTMI: The Family Business is most likely in good hands, then! Just out of curiosity, does Karina still play Neopets after she got you hooked on it?

Lindy_Guo: She did for awhile. But as I said, she was really obsessed. So obsessed that her parents forbidded her to touch Neopets...

NTMI: Ouch.. what happened after that?

Lindy_Guo: And well, she doesn't play Neopets anymore. *sobs*

NTMI: I thought that might be the case... I've noticed that pattern two or three times already in interviews. A gets B hooked, then quits Neopets. So how did you come up with the username of Lindy_Guo?

Lindy_Guo: *looks around to check for bad, stalking people around* Well, that is sort of my real name.

NTMI: In other words, your parents came up with it, not you.

Lindy_Guo: Lol! Yes.

NTMI: Hehe... so what does an "average day" in Neopia consist of for you?

Lindy_Guo: Hmm... Let's see... I log on Neopets, do the "daily duties", go hang out on ARC Angels Guild's message board, do some shopkeeping and play some games.

NTMI: What games are your particular favorites?

Lindy_Guo: Back when Super Bullseye and Bullseye were still on the site. Those two were my favorite. But then they got taken off. So now, it's Maths Nightmare.
Lindy_Guo: Ultimate Bullseye wasn't as fun as the old versions.

NTMI: Just doesn't measure up, eh.

Lindy_Guo: Yup. Don't get me started on how I don't like Ultimate Bullseye... lol

NTMI: Lol, well I don't see that as being too controversial.. at least most of the comments I've heard tend to be along the same lines. But you're right, let's let that one go and ask you our next question....
NTMI: How did you find the Neopian Times and what got you started contributing?

Lindy_Guo: I don't quite remember how I found the Neopian Times. I think I started reading it when a fellow guild member had a story in there. And as for contributing, I just really wanted to share some tips and jokes with other Neopet players.

NTMI: Well with six articles in, it looks like something kept making you come back to give us more!

Lindy_Guo: As a kid, I used to like writing so it's a sort of a pastime. And my guild leader, Laura(shidi) encourages guild members to go submit. So me, being the good little council member *looks innocent*...

NTMI: I see, that would tend to be a good motivation... or excuse, perhaps.... so what's your favorite thing to write about, or do you have a favorite?

Lindy_Guo: Hmm... I think I enjoy writing on non-fictional topics, especially NeoEconomics, the most. That's probably influenced by my reading habits and my interest in business.

NTMI: Are there any particular methods or sources that you use to get an idea for an article?

Lindy_Guo: The funny thing with me is that my ideas always come when I'm not trying to come up with any ideas. It's like 'This rice is really delicious... Hey, isn't NeoSchool a good topic to write on?'

NTMI: It just sort of pops up out of your subconscious mind, huh?

Lindy_Guo: Yup, hehe

NTMI: Hehe, so after you GET the idea, how long does it take to write up an article from it?

Lindy_Guo: A really, really long time. I'm always busy with schoolwork, band, dance and other stuff that it takes me forever to find time to sit down and write. That's why I'm so glad it's the summer now!

NTMI: Does that mean we can expect some more pieces from you in the near future?

Lindy_Guo: Hopefully, if Josh will like the articles I write

NTMI: Well from what he's published so far, I'd say you've got the talent to make him notice. But, speaking of getting in, now that you've done it a few times, what tips would you give to someone wanting to try and get something in themselves?

Lindy_Guo: Awww... thanks Foxy. *hugs* My tip is for writers to never give up and don't be shy to send things in. Just go for it!

NTMI: The worst that can happen is nothing, right?

Lindy_Guo: Hehe, yup.

NTMI: What kind of feedback have you gotten from your articles?

Lindy_Guo: Most of the responses have been very nice and encouraging. It's so nice to see readers liking my articles. Some of them are derogatory. Some of the responses are from troublemakers though. One person even threatened to pitchfork me!

NTMI: A new use for the attack fork.... whew, what did you do to rile that one?

Lindy_Guo: I made a mistake about Lord of the Rings.

NTMI: Ohhh yes, I think I remember you mentioning that in your second species names article, correct?

Lindy_Guo: Yup. Good memory, Foxy.

NTMI: Well I DID read it, after all, and I remember wondering at the time what all the fuss was about. I mean, give her a break, people... anyway, next question. As YOU read the Times, what sort of fault- or faults- do you most commonly notice?

Lindy_Guo: The most common fault I notice is the use of personal pronouns in non-opinionated articles. Oy, I sound like an English teacher... Though writing in prose style to be funny is perfectly fine though. Even I'm guilty of this sometimes.

NTMI: Does that mean the "editorial we" is out? Or what?

Lindy_Guo: For example, "I suggest for players to hit as many fuzzles as possible in a row". It just doesn't sound as well... professional and strong as "It is a good idea to hit as many fuzzles as you can in a row". I mean, the readers should know that it's the writer who's talking, so there is no need to use "I".
Lindy_Guo: I had a teacher in Grade 8 who was really strict on that point, so it stuck with me, hehe.

NTMI: An interesting point it is, too. And on to the Neopian Times itself... if you could change one thing about how it is organized, what would it be?

Lindy_Guo: Just one thing? Can I change two? Please?

NTMI: Sure lol.

Lindy_Guo: Yay!
Lindy_Guo: The first is for the comic section's comic order to be arranged by the quality of the comic as opposed to by username. I don't find that to be fair to people like my friend Ry, thephoenixofeio, whose username starts with a letter late in the alphabet.
Lindy_Guo: Second thing is for articles to be separated into "Factual Articles" and "Opinion Articles".

NTMI: Perhaps "articles" and "editorials"?

Lindy_Guo: That's a good idea, Foxy.

NTMI: "User Editorials"... I like the ring of it.... So what are the best experiences you've had during your writing career for the NT?

Lindy_Guo: Career? I have a career? Cool! lol I think having nice people who wrote to me about my article was the best experience. I made some really good friends that way

NTMI: And was the worst the pitchfork, or are there things to be dreaded even more than a ... fork attack?

Lindy_Guo: Unfortunately, no. Worse than the pitchfork threat... *shivers*

NTMI: Uh oh that must be really bad. Is it for public telling, or do we leave it buried?

Lindy_Guo: I would prefer leaving it buried. Sorry.

NTMI: Hey, no problem! Skipping that one.... so, have you gotten anything else published on Neopets?

Lindy_Guo: I got two entries (1 2) into the Art Gallery For those who are interested in the Art Gallery, let me tell you guys, Donna is a very, very prickly person. But she gives great prizes to make up for it.

NTMI: Definitely something to check out! What about off neopets? Anything else out there hoping to find some attention?

Lindy_Guo: Next school year, I'm starting my appointment as the school newspaper Editor. The school newspaper hadn't been doing too well in the past few years, so when the old editors graduated in the same year, I was brought in to be the "fixer-upper".

NTMI: Is it going to be online?

Lindy_Guo: I hope that I can get it online as well as in print, because the school newspaper budget is really small and we never had enough print paper copies.

NTMI: Well here's hoping it all works out for you! So what are your future plans for Neopian Times writing?

Lindy_Guo: I think I might try drawing a comic series and I also hope I can find the time to put together a story series too.

NTMI: We'll certainly be looking forward to it! What about outside of Neopets? What sort of writing goals do you have there?

Lindy_Guo: I don't really have plans to be a writer though at one point I did want to be a journalist. I am thinking more of a career in medicine now. But I do want to at some time do some writing for a medical journal or a short book of wise sayings some time.
Lindy_Guo: Medical Journal... that ought to be fascinating to Neopet players... lol

NTMI: Lol, hey who knows... but I'm sure your writing skills would be a great asset there! Well, that's all the questions I had, was there anything else you wanted to tell us?

Lindy_Guo: I belong to a great guild called ARC Angels. We are very friendly, very honest and there are quite a number of writers there too. So if anyone has the time... check it out.
Lindy_Guo: And also, interestingly, my pets Scheat and Kaelik are characters in Laura's story Harry's Debut. Nope, they arenít coincidences.

NTMI: Oh good, another reason to read that story! Well thank you for your time, and the interesting chat we've had!

Lindy_Guo: No, thank you. Thanks so much, Foxy, for interviewing me!

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