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Interview with Ticketytock2kay!

On the morning of July 27th, I managed to meet up with tickeytock2kay and got her to turn off the tv so we could talk about her life and work in the Neopian Times. Here is that story...

NTMI: Hello everyone! I'm here this morning with ticketytock2kay, whose short stories have brought a sense of whimsical fun to the Times for several months now. Welcome, ticketytock2kay!

ticketytock2kay: Thanks! I'm glad to be here :-)

NTMI: Whew, that's a mouthful... is there something shorter I could use?

ticketytock2kay: Anything's fine with me.

NTMI: Ok, we'll use Kay?

ticketytock2kay: Yupper :D

NTMI: Thank you! For our first question, I need to ask you how you got started on Neopets.

ticketytock2kay: Well, my brother started playing first. His friend from school had a Grarrl and printed it out..
ticketytock2kay: My brother joined as a referral for him, and later I joined to refer my brother.
ticketytock2kay: That is, I didn't really feel like joining, but in the end I did...

NTMI: You just did it as a favor to him, you mean?

ticketytock2kay: Yes... he wanted referrals for the prizes.. the codestones in particular.
ticketytock2kay: He's stopped playing Neopets, though... :(

NTMI: And left you stuck with the addiction, I take it.

ticketytock2kay: Heh. Yes.

NTMI: Par for the course... so when you got on Neopets, how did you decide upon the name "ticketytock2kay" ?

ticketytock2kay: I happened to have been watching the show "All That" on Nickelodeon that day.. (re-runs).
ticketytock2kay: The actor Kel Mitchell was acting as a "Dr. K" to answer questions about kids from worried parents.
ticketytock2kay: The "punchline" was "Hey, hey, talk to Dr. K!"
ticketytock2kay: I can't remember, but I thought tick tock was cool, but that was taken...
ticketytock2kay: So, I settled on ticketytock2kay.

NTMI: In other words, tickety "talk to K"

ticketytock2kay: Yes! Exactly... many people ask me about my username...

NTMI: Once you were playing on the site, what have you finally settled as your favorite thing(s) about Neopets?

ticketytock2kay: The Games from the Gameroom...

NTMI: Any particular favorites among them?

ticketytock2kay: They're so fun, especially Meerca Chase, the old "Bullseye"!
ticketytock2kay: But the new version is pretty cool.
ticketytock2kay: I like Usuki Frenzy, too.
ticketytock2kay: Here's a list of the games I would have to say I like the most, that I play every day on Neopets:
ticketytock2kay: Meerca Chase, Ice Cream Factory, Usuki Frenzy, the Carnival of Terror and the newest craze: Cheeseroller!

NTMI: I had someone write me, wanting to know how you got your cheese to begin rolling, but I had no clue... so how DO you do it?

ticketytock2kay: You need to buy the cheese first... by typing in the name of the Cheese in the box.
ticketytock2kay: The cheapest is "Spicy Juppie", only 150 NP

NTMI: In other words, know your cheeses before you start playing!

ticketytock2kay: Yes, you could put it that way ;) Then, you choose which pet you want to push the Cheese.
ticketytock2kay: Then, you can choose from a variety of options, such as "Dive Left", "Push Cheese Faster" and "Hold Cheese Steady"..
ticketytock2kay: You need to have a fast Internet connection, though...

NTMI: what happens if you win? and if you lose?

ticketytock2kay: You can't exactly win. If your timing is good (70 seconds is Moldy), you can win more Neopoints.
ticketytock2kay: If your timing is bad, (over 75 seconds, I believe), you lose your Neopoints.

NTMI: Do you get to keep the cheese? lol

ticketytock2kay: You don't win the Cheese in the end. It only exists in the game... so far.

NTMI: Aw too bad. Ok, so what else is in your daily routine besides games, then?

ticketytock2kay: Feeding my pet, posting messages on the guild board and doing Useless Polls on the Help Chat Board.
ticketytock2kay: Oh, I love to Neomail my Neofriends, too, of course... and delete annoying beggar mail...
ticketytock2kay: As well as my ongoing quest for more Neopets trophies. I have my eye on the Petpet spotlight...
ticketytock2kay: Beggar mail = People begging me to do up a petpage / Give them items :(

NTMI: Do you get a lot of that?

ticketytock2kay: About 3 per day?
ticketytock2kay: I have no idea why they choose me :( You know, I have over 30 people on my block list...

NTMI: Nothing that doesn't strain your finger deleting, then! But on to the Times itself... how did you find it and what got you started contributing?

ticketytock2kay: Actually, I used to never read the News Features page... or the main page "highlights"...
ticketytock2kay: I stumbled upon the Times from the search engine. It's funny, really.

NTMI: After you'd started playing Neopets?

ticketytock2kay: About 6 months after I started playing.
ticketytock2kay: I typed in "Neopian", and it came up with many, many stories and articles from the Times.
ticketytock2kay: Anyway, I clicked on one of the comics, by radiopup.

NTMI: Yes it would do that, I've done similar searches! Once you found it, what gave you the idea to send in your first short story?

ticketytock2kay: At first, I tried sending in a comic...
ticketytock2kay: Like the one I saw. I didn't read the short stories or articles, let alone the Editorial...
ticketytock2kay: But, it didn't get in. I was very miserable. :(
ticketytock2kay: I tried sending in another, but that didn't work out... I ended up not reading the Times for a few weeks after that.
ticketytock2kay: My first short story was Ghost Sleepwalker. It's very badly written!!!

NTMI: So you have improved since then.

ticketytock2kay: O.o I try to avoid looking at it. I sent it in and thought it wouldn't get in.
ticketytock2kay: Oh happy day, it got in, but boy, it was despicable! *dives under table*

NTMI: Actually, I read it and thought it rather intriguing... although it was a bit short, it seemed to hint at more than it covered.

ticketytock2kay: *gives a weak smile*

NTMI: Did you get any sort of feedback on it at the time?

ticketytock2kay: No... only from a Newbie, who asked me how I managed to access the Neopets server and put my story on the website. @_x Really...

NTMI: Oh my, that was a newbie... I'd hope anyway.
NTMI: So how did the Chocolate Sprouts sneak into the very next issue?

ticketytock2kay: Well, I kept on thinking about a story with a Shoyru rushing into the house, screaming, "We've got a gig!"
ticketytock2kay: That Shoyru ended up being a Uni, since Shoyrus weren't available in brown, then...
ticketytock2kay: I don't know how I came up with the idea, really. I just sat down and starting typing about the Shoyru rushing into the house, and everything continued on it's own after that.
ticketytock2kay: When I was editing, I changed the Shoyru to Beeyootiful, the Uni.

NTMI: You set the characters in motion and they took on a life of their own.

ticketytock2kay: Yes! I even *mumbles* dreamt of them.

NTMI: I heard that a famous author had a nightmare once and he turned it into a classic tale....

ticketytock2kay: That must have been Edgar Allan Poe :P He's a poet, though...

NTMI: "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
NTMI: But back to your writing.. what do you like writing best?

ticketytock2kay: Short stories. I once wrote a book, when I was 7, but when I read through it a few years back it was all "She said, he said, she said, he said...". Short stories are like a short trip on a magic carpet...

NTMI: A little gem to brighten the day, huh?

ticketytock2kay: :-) Kind of... I like Roald Dahl's books... they're a really exhilarating magic carpet ride :)

NTMI: Besides having one particular scene or phrase haunt you, how do you get ideas for stories?

ticketytock2kay: Oh dear! Everyone asks me that... I told my Dad that. My Dad said that a professor of his from Yale (when he was studying) was asked that question, and he always used to say:
ticketytock2kay: You just go out and get them! Seize the day..

NTMI: or idea, as the case may be?

ticketytock2kay: Yeah. :P

NTMI: Hehe, so once your idea has been seized, how long does it take to turn it into a story?

ticketytock2kay: A week. I type out a really, really short draft, and then I eventually turn the "scribbles" into paragraphs. I usually print out one copy, because you see your mistakes more clearly when they're on paper, rather than on your screen.

NTMI: Right, good point. So after you get the mistakes corrected, what happens next?

ticketytock2kay: I type the story in again... and usually I get my Dad to look through it. Sometimes he doesn't understand what I'm writing about, though, because they're Neopetish.
ticketytock2kay: He suggests extra bits..

NTMI: And then it goes to the NT and Josh puts it in for everyone else to read!

ticketytock2kay: O.O Some of the stories that I sent in weren't really satisfactory, and I'm surprised they got in.
ticketytock2kay: Some of the ideas were good, but the story was not well-developed, is what I mean...
ticketytock2kay: I noticed, though, you get more response from the "public" when you write an article, rather than a short story.

NTMI: Why is that, do you think?

ticketytock2kay: Probably because the articles give you information. For example, my article "Do the Robo Pet", was on how to get a robot pet...
ticketytock2kay: ..And people Neomailed me with extra questions, like, "Can you choose which pet to zap"...

NTMI: How about extra information, like "hey, you missed pointing out that such and such..."

ticketytock2kay: ^_^ I haven't gotten any Neomail like that... I usually get mail from Newbies.

NTMI: What about advice for anyone else wanting to get stuff into the Times?

ticketytock2kay: If you don't get into the Times, don't abandon the thought completely, like I did. And don't think that you're a loser...
ticketytock2kay: I thought I was a loser for not getting in... -_-

NTMI: But you followed it up with a couple of dozen successes!

ticketytock2kay: Yay! That's true. I really want to get a comic in...

NTMI: What sort of feedback do you normally get from a piece in the Times?

ticketytock2kay: Mainly positive...
ticketytock2kay: Usually it's the same person that Neomails me...

NTMI: You have a fan club?

ticketytock2kay: I have around 5 people who usually always Neomail me after I get a piece in. They've been asking me what's wrong o.O

NTMI: Wondering where you've been for the past month or so?

ticketytock2kay: Yeah.

NTMI: What do you tell them?

ticketytock2kay: I told them I was out of ideas.
ticketytock2kay: And I've been concentrating on school. -_-

NTMI: Summer School?

ticketytock2kay: No. Self-home-school... i.e. self-studying (I like to be top)

NTMI: Ahh, got you! Well can we expect to see more work from you sometime soon?

ticketytock2kay: Hopefully. I've been working on a story of a Quiggle that wants to catch Dr. Sloth.

NTMI: The Quiggle of Doom haunts Dr. Sloth .... (no offense, Lupina!)

ticketytock2kay: A Quiggle and a Gelert...

NTMI: Sounds like they've got their work cut out for them ;)

ticketytock2kay: They're after Dr. Sloth to find out his secret recipe for his Transmogrification Potion, y'see...
ticketytock2kay: And they find it out and make an Ixi Transmogrification Potion, but it turns out to turn everyone in Neopia into mutant Ixis :(
ticketytock2kay: Why everyone was dosed with the potion... you'll have to wait till it comes out..

NTMI: Well duh, hehehe.... sounds like an entertaining read to me.

ticketytock2kay: I'm almost done editing.

NTMI: tease, tease!

ticketytock2kay: O.O I just adore the comics that get into the Neopian Times!
ticketytock2kay: They're so professionally drawn, and have such great punchlines... :(

NTMI: Speaking of reading the Times, what faults or problems do you usually notice with the stuff that they print?

ticketytock2kay: Plagiarism. I've noticed some people rip off the punchlines from Baby Blues or Garfield and just switch the people to Neopets.
ticketytock2kay: It's not as funny. When I read it, I'm like, "Oh, yeah.... right..."

NTMI: Yes, I've noticed the same problem.
NTMI: If you could change one thing about how the Neopian Times is organized, what would it be?

ticketytock2kay: **thinks very hard*
ticketytock2kay: *snaps fingers*
ticketytock2kay: I would have it so that you can click on the author's name and see all the stories that that particular author has written.
ticketytock2kay: Many people want links to my previous stories, so I eventually made up a petpage with everything.

NTMI: I see, good point, that's why I started this index site. So in your writing for the Times, what's been the best thing that happened?

ticketytock2kay: Oh, that's got to be the story that was published after I won the Site Spotlight. I had much more Neomails then ;)) hee hee

NTMI: What about the worst thing?

ticketytock2kay: Someone ripped off my story idea and sent it in. Luckily though, it wasn't chosen to be published.
ticketytock2kay: It was the story "The Best Day of My Life"

NTMI: What else have you gotten published outside of the Neopian Times?

ticketytock2kay: Some stories printed in my school newsletter, which is basically it.
ticketytock2kay: I even wrote a column about Neopets, once!

NTMI: Turn your entertainment into profit, can't beat that... so what other sites out there on the web have your work posted on them?

ticketytock2kay: None, to be honest. I used to have some short stories on a website, but it was shut down. That was before I joined Neopets.
ticketytock2kay: The stories were mainly about the life of a girl named Shirley.

NTMI: What plans or goals do you have for your writing in general?

ticketytock2kay: This sounds far-fetched but I want to publish my book that I've been working on since I was ten.
ticketytock2kay: It's called "the Cave of Wonders"!
ticketytock2kay: It's around 100 Chapters long. I'm trying to chop some chapters off.

NTMI: Whoa, that has been a long-term project.

ticketytock2kay: 3 years. I've stopped working on it, kind of, ever since I joined Neopets. o.O

NTMI: Well I think that covers everything I had to ask. Was there anything else you wanted to add?

ticketytock2kay: Yes. Adopt a Kacheek! Kacheeks rule!
ticketytock2kay: Sorry, I really love Kacheeks.

NTMI: We'll make a note of it! Thanks for stopping by, Kay, I really appreciate your taking the time to talk with me.

ticketytock2kay: No problem :) It's been fun.... much more fun than watching re-runs on TV! :)

NTMI: Lol, well enjoy the rest of your day, and we'll keep an eye out for your new stuff in the NT :)

ticketytock2kay: *waves an Adopt the Kacheek! flag*
ticketytock2kay: See ya!

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