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Interview with Sir_Draikalot!

Hey there guys! Its RJ here, and I got to interview my buddy Sir_Draikalot. WARNING: This interview may induce random attacks of insanity...

Random_Joy: Hello and welcome to RJ's personal uno on uno interview with Sir_Draikalot! Hi Draiky *wink*
Sir_Draikalot: Hi RJ! =D

Random_Joy: So Draiky, where are you from?
Sir_Draikalot: I'm from the Netherlands, a place with lots oí tulips, wooden shoes, stinky cheese and shops without Neopets Plushies =\ Donít get me wrong, we donít wear wooden shoes
Random_Joy: Same with me, except the tulips.
Sir_Draikalot: Hehe

Random_Joy: How is the weather at the moment Draiky?
Sir_Draikalot: Rainy and cold... like always

Random_Joy: Drat, right now its boiling hot here... Oh, better get back on track... Draiky, what comic do you draw?
Sir_Draikalot: I do Life in a Nutshell, but I and some other people, yes you too RJ, are busy with a new comic: The Guardian Ixis
Random_Joy: And a great comic it shall be!!
Sir_Draikalot: Yups

Random_Joy: Tell me a little more about your characters
Sir_Draikalot: (From Life in a Nutshell) Anibus, he's a drooling little Anubis, he's weird, he's stupid and he has sponge as brains... just likes me -looks proud at Anibus-
Random_Joy: Lol Draiky
Sir_Draikalot: And from the Guardians Comic we have Waves, Giving, Droch, Roachling, Sallyta, Macnmei and 4 more ixis

Random_Joy: How old are you?
Sir_Draikalot: I'm 13, but in exactly 12 days I'll become 14 -dances-

Random_Joy: I'm nearly 17 myself. I'll get you a nice present. When did you discover Neopets?
Sir_Draikalot: Wow, that was a long time ago... 27 months ago

Random_Joy: How did you find it?
Sir_Draikalot: A friend of mine, sjors (sjors61) told me that he found a cool site with weird pets. I checked it out and I fell in love with the Gelert.
Random_Joy: I fell in love with the old Poogle. Hehe.
Sir_Draikalot: Now I think the old Gelert looks weird O_____-o but that's my opinion ^^

Random_Joy: Lol. How did you think up of your comic?
Sir_Draikalot: Well, when I saw the Neopian Times trophy, I wanted one too. So shiny and gold-ish @_@ -cough- First I didn't know a name for my comic and then I met this strange person, RJ, and she suggested me the name 'Life in a Nutshell'. I already had a weird obsession for Anubi so an Anubis had to be the star of my comic.
Random_Joy: Would I know this RJ person?
Sir_Draikalot: I dont know, she reminds me of you... sort of

Random_Joy: Really? Interesting.... *wink* So, in your new planned comic the Guardian Ixis, what is it to be about?
Sir_Draikalot: About 10 Guardians, chosen by the Faerie Queen. -scary Phantom of the Opera Music- There's an evil Neopet lurking around... Much more eviler than the Pant Devil, Frank Sloth or Adam. -stops Phantom of the Opera Music tape- The Guardians must protect Neopia from this evil Neopet and eh... Can't say more =X
Random_Joy: *hides under Sandy the frying pan* Scary!!!!
Sir_Draikalot: Yes... it is... MWUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Random_Joy: You're freaking me out Draiky... hey, lets dance! *starts doing the Brown Jug Polka*
Sir_Draikalot: -does the Darrel dance-
Random_Joy: Now THAT is scary!
Sir_Draikalot: hehehe ^^;;

Random_Joy: Who's your favourite NT character apart from your own?
Sir_Draikalot: I cant choose, they are all cool

Random_Joy: Have you got a favourite writer or artist?
Sir_Draikalot: Eh yes: Laurensama and Stoneman ^-^

Random_Joy: I think they're great too. Since you're Dutch, did you have any problems at first with writing?
Sir_Draikalot: Yeah... I still have though
Random_Joy: You're very good still
Sir_Draikalot: You're just saying that because youíre chewing on my lil bro's sock.

Random_Joy: *pulls sock out of mouth* Oh so I was... Ok, we've got to wrap this up, so any plans to take over Neopia?
Sir_Draikalot: Well, I did want to give everyone a bottle of lemonade with some drool of Anibus, but that's sooooo lame... Anibus drool is poison... *snicker* GEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE >=]

Random_Joy: Well, thank you so much Sir_Draikalot for the interview!
Sir_Draikalot: Eh yes, and I want to thank everyone who send me begmail, hatemail and fanmail. I luffles ya all! ^^

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