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Interview with Plushieowner on 2/18/2004-2/19/2004

Hello! I'm Roxycaligirl101. I'm here to help The Neopian Times Master Index by conducting interviews. For my first interview, I was able to track down my "rival" and funny girl, Plushieowner. Our interview began at the end of Wednesday for me, but Thursday afternoon for her because of our very different time zones. Despite, being a world apart and "rivals," our interview made us feel closer together.

What you are about to read contains humor, clichés and sarcasm. Please don't proceed reading if you don't want to laugh your pants off. You've been warned, you can't take this interview too seriously! Plushieowner wouldn't want it to be read that way.

Roxycaligirl101: Welcome to the interview with the infamously, funny Plushieowner! Ready for the interview?

Plushieowner: As ready as 'insert pun here.'

Roxycaligirl101: Thanks for granting me this interview, Plushieowner.

Plushieowner: It's my pleasure. Anything to keep all these people bugging me for an interview off my back.

Roxycaligirl101: Hehe, how lucky that I snagged you first.

Plushieowner: This morning, I got one begging to interview me. I'm really quite modest.

Roxycaligirl101: LOL, I can see that, little Miss Popular, too.

Plushieowner: People use me only as a Neo-ATM though. LOL.

Roxycaligirl101: Plushieowner, you're too funny! First of all, how did you stumble upon Neopets?

Plushieowner: My friend, Nik (not Nick Neopia) got me hooked on Neopets. He's an Evil Muffin and sweetheart back from primary school. Curse him!

Roxycaligirl101: What was the coolest thing about Neopets when you first joined?

Plushieowner: My love of sand. When you are newbie, you don't think about trying to top your neofriend's bank balances. You don't know the value of items, so you don't care whether you own an Seasonal Attack Pea or a Palm Fan. Its hard to explain.

Roxycaligirl101: I totally understand, I remember the good old days. Don't we all wish we could be so naïve again?

Plushieowner: WOOT!! The good old days, I'd brag to the Trade Chatboards that I bought 10 snowballs!! Fear me! I have snowballs and will use them!

Roxycaligirl101: Watch out for Plushieowner!

Plushieowner: Watch out for Yellow Snowballs! You don't want to know. LOL.

Roxycaligirl101: Don't worry I won't ask about them!

Roxycaligirl101: Did your friend, Nik introduce you to the Neopian Times, too?

Plushieowner: Nah, he got me addicted to Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) though. I got introduced to the Times by my friend Potebrigitte, you probably don't know her. She was making a name out of herself in the Times and inspired me to write, too.

Roxycaligirl101: How did you decide what you wanted to write about? Your muse suddenly kick you and say, "WRITE THIS?"

Plushieowner: Well, Potebrigitte inspired me to write my first article, Appreciating Your Guild Leader and Guild Council. It was about how guild leaders aren't just eye candy and people don't give them enough respect.

Roxycaligirl101: Very cool, I'm sure she apperciated having an article written about her.

Plushieowner: She appreciated it so much, I got a Pyramid Banana out of it and lots of people in Neopia shared stories of their guilds. It was touching how many people were inspired by my article.

Roxycaligirl101: How did you feel when you got that first acceptance letter in the mail?

Plushieowner: Shh....I inspired the acceptance letter...shh...but really, I was jumping around the room like my pants were on fire! I was very unladylike and I screamed, "FOR FYORA'S SAKE!! I GOT IN!"

Roxycaligirl101: All us ladies can act very unladylike when we're excited.

Roxycaligirl101: Your first submissions were articles before you switched over to a series? How did you decide to try your luck at series and write Imperfect Dark?

Plushieowner: I'd never written a long piece of writing and I was so happy that I had written 16 pages.

Roxycaligirl101: Then, you tossed in a Short Story and two comics in the Times. How does it feel to have you work displayed in all four sections?

Plushieowner: I was just trying to do a " Battlesunn." Hehe. I always wanted to get five things published in one issue.

Roxycaligirl101: Not a Stoneman3x?

Plushieowner: Stoneman3x? Who is that?

Roxycaligirl101: Stoneman3x aka Stone has over a hundred-fifty pieces of work displayed in the Neopian Times, scattered among all four sections. He's a pretty nice guy, surely you know him.

Plushieowner: Oh, him! I was honoured when he once reviewed articles on the NTWF and said mine was "Article of the Week." That coming from the legend himself.

Plushieowner: I never said I liked him.

Roxycaligirl101: Uhh...I didn't say you did.

Plushieowner: Who have you talked to?!?

Roxycaligirl101: one! Are you trying to hide something?

Plushieowner: *drools over boulder poster* NO! *hides boulder poster*

Roxycaligirl101: This is getting weird. Let's move on the next question! Any chance you'll try and take over the Editorial? Do something the great Stone or Battlesunn never could?

Plushieowner: favorite section of the take is possible, if you have connections like Sloth and stuff.

Roxycaligirl101: Sloth can't take over a little chunk of Neopia, I doubt he can take over The Editorial. On another note, I'd have to say one of your famous pieces was Give My Regards to Neopia! I couldn't stop laughing, how did you come up with such a brilliant idea?

Plushieowner: I think it was from being forced to watch 'My Fair Lady' in English. I have never written a play, little lone a musical in my life so to have so much feedback on the one story is amazing.

Roxycaligirl101: Very nice, what was your favorite thing to write throughout your career as a Times writer?

Plushieowner: Give My Regards to Neopia! That took me about 6 weeks to write and organize.

Roxycaligirl101: You really did a great job with it!

Plushieowner: I wish Neopets would make it a Broadway Musical, I would act for free in it. Drama is one of my best subjects.

Roxycaligirl101: A writer, artist, and actress, is there anything you can't do?

Plushieowner: Well...*does little dance*

Roxycaligirl101: And a dancer...anything else you care to add?

Plushieowner: I can juggle plates. Hehe.

Roxycaligirl101: Really?

Plushieowner: Nah, I'm actually an A-grade klutz. *drops plates*

Roxycaligirl101: No one is perfect.

Roxycaligirl101: Who is your favorite character you ever created?

Plushieowner: A suave, slightly stupid Kougra.

Roxycaligirl101: You mean Stud Muffin from Dubloon-atics?

Plushieowner: Yep! You should see me and my brother imitate the custom picture.

Plushieowner: *laughs* I'm always Carbona, of course. He's Stud.

Roxycaligirl101: You're an actress so I'm sure you can fill the role. Where did you get your love of clichés from?

Plushieowner: I don't where I got my love of clichés from. Drama?

Roxycaligirl101: Possibly. I wish I could tell you where but I don't think you got it from Dr. Frank Sloth. Speaking of the famous doctor, do you have any rivals at the Neopian Times? Any characters that you like to insult? A certain Shoyru named Roxy? *wink wink*

Plushieowner: Rivals? Um...I'm my own worst enemy, I poke fun of myself sometimes in my submissions. If you mean Roxy and Sloth, it is just friendly banter. They kind of fight like brother and sister.

Roxycaligirl101: How would you feel about a Roxy vs. Sloth battle? Do you think Roxy and I would give you a run for your money?

Plushieowner: I'm not worried. Sloth and I can attack you with clichés, asparagus and CHATPSPEAK!

Roxycaligirl101: Oh, let's go, girl! Roxy and I take no prisoners! We can fight after the's on! Hahaha.

Roxycaligirl101: On average, how long does it take you to make a masterpiece for the Times?

Plushieowner: Not 45 minutes, that's for sure, but that's another story. Seriously, I have no idea. Over a week, I do submissions in bits and pieces. I use my lunch breaks and afternoons to write. I edit stuff before I go to bed sometimes.

Roxycaligirl101: I see you like to spread out the creative energy in numerous sessions than just one long one.

Plushieowner: My Mum says, "I eat through pens." I go through a packet of biros in about a week, I write too much for my own good.

Roxycaligirl101: I'm sure that's not true.

Roxycaligirl101: Is there anything you'd change about the Times if you could?

Plushieowner: The Editorial. I want world peace.

Roxycaligirl101: Interesting section to choose, it'll some day be taken over by you and Sloth to promote world peace. That doesn't quite add me to me but whatever.

Roxycaligirl101: Well, you have so many publications in the Times, does it ever get old?

Plushieowner: Old? I'm young at heart.

Plushieowner: You can never get tired of my clichés...Muhhahaha!! Neopia is hypnotized by my trite, cliché stories.

Roxycaligirl101: What are your plans for the future at The Neopian Times? More cliché stories? Musicals? Series?

Plushieowner: More articles. My notebook has about 37 titles of future submissions I'm writing or wish to write. I have another musical in the works.

Roxycaligirl101: Woah! That's a lot of works to be published. I'm sure we'll look forward to them.

Roxycaligirl101: Any chance that Stoneman3x might have to watch his back and you'll over take him and get the most submissions in The Neopian Times?

Plushieowner: Nah! Felicia (NT editor) said she is getting a lot of articles and there's lots of competition to get published in that section, so I'm worried.

Roxycaligirl101: It should be Stone who should be worried *wink* I'd be scared of you if I didn't have Roxy on my side.

Roxycaligirl101: What is the best thing about being an author/artist for The Neopian Times?

Plushieowner: Knowing the editor so you can bribe her with cookies. *yells at the editor* Oh, Feli your payment is in the mail! I forgot to tell you.

Roxycaligirl101: You must pay a lot of postage to get those cookies to the USA from Australia.

Plushieowner: *giggles*

Roxycaligirl101: What is the best thing you learned writing and drawing for The Neopian Times?

Plushieowner: Sucking up and corruption. Muwhhaha!

Roxycaligirl101: What advice would you offer young hopefuls to get their work displayed in The Neopian Times?

Plushieowner: Humour and Originality.

Roxycaligirl101: Here's the last question, anything else you'd like to say? Any clichés you haven't time to mention anywhere else in the interview?

Plushieowner: Rox, you are my cousin's great great aunt's neighbour.

Roxycaligirl101: What? Are you trying to say we are like related or something?

Plushieowner: *yells to my Shoyru* Look out, he's behind you! *Sloth is putting a 'kick me' sign on Roxy*

Roxycaligirl101: AHHH! *tumbles over and rushes to Roxy's side* I must go free my Shoyru from the *gasp* 'kick me' sign!

Roxycaligirl101: Thanks for the interview!

Plushieowner: Sloth says, "Smell ya later."

Roxycaligirl101: Roxy says, "Bring it the Battledome!"

Plushieowner: I have to go a cannibalistic Angelpuss is yelling at me. Bye!

Roxycaligirl101: I didn't know you knew Roxy's petpet, Troxy. Have fun and play nice!

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