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Interview with Charmedhorses

Hello! I'm Roxycaligirl101. I had so much fun with a past interview, I knew I just had to do another. I darted around until I tracked down my old editor, polite friend, Princess of Grammar and fellow Neopian Times author, Charmedhorses. Our interview began on Thursday, March 5, 2003 just before dinner. Luckily, we both lived in the same time zone and there weren't any major time battles to fight.

Roxycaligirl101: Thanks for taking the time for an interview, Charmedhorses.

Charmedhorses: No problem! I remember reading some NT interviews, when I hadn't been published and thinking I'd like to be interviewed some day.
Charmedhorses: It's rather like a dream come true!

Roxycaligirl101: Aww..thanks! I guess I'm just you're average dream maker. Hehe.
Roxycaligirl101: First of all, how did you find the wonderful world of Neopets?

Charmedhorses: Well, I was actually playing an online game called Horseland. I happened to stumble upon someone's profile which had a link to Neopets. I went and liked what I saw. So, I decided to join!

Roxycaligirl101: I can't believe you played Horseland, too. I used to love that game.

Charmedhorses: Really? That's so neat!

Roxycaligirl101: Is that how you came up your screen name Charmedhorses? Are you horse a fan?

Charmedhorses: Yes, that's how I came up with my username because I'm so crazy about horses! I like TV show, Charmed, too.

Roxycaligirl101: I get it...Charmed + horses= Charmedhorses, very creative.
Roxycaligirl101: What was the coolest thing you remember being a newbie on Neopets?

Charmedhorses: Well, I don't really remember what the coolest thing was but it was probably making and having pixel pets.

Roxycaligirl101: What was one of your most memorable experiences on Neopets?

Charmedhorses: One of my first Neopian experiences was with a bottled faerie. I just couldn't figure out how to bless my pet. I even asked my Gramma for help, but she couldn't figure it out either!

Roxycaligirl101: Hehehe, we all made mistakes as newbies. You ever get that bottle open?

Charmedhorses: I don't remember...LOL.

Roxycaligirl101: When did you decide you wanted to write for The Neopian Times? Before or after the faerie bottle incident?

Charmedhorses: LOL. It was after, much later on in my Neopian days. It just sort of happened I suppose...I entered this story but it didn't make it. I don't blame them for rejecting it because it wasn't that great. About a year or so ago, I got around to writing something for the NT again. I sent in The Birthday Surprise and I was ecstatic when it was accepted!

Roxycaligirl101: How did you come up for the idea for your first story and published work, The Birthday Surprise?

Charmedhorses: Well, a friend of mine on Neopets had just had their birthday, and so I got to thinking about birthdays, surprises, parties, gifts and etc. The plot just sort of evolved from my head onto paper.

Roxycaligirl101: You used real life experiences to create your plot and to write about stuff you know. I think it's a very smart idea for your first story.

Charmedhorses: Thank you!

Roxycaligirl101: You've done numerous stories based on the same characters, are you quite comfortable with the dynamic team you've created of SeaZ0ne, Puppy_Trix and Ramoose_, and Trini?

Charmedhorses: Yes, I am. They're so wonderful and work so well together. They really create more of the stories than I do.

Roxycaligirl101: How do you keep your attention on the same characters for almost every story? I have the worst attention span and I have millions of characters waiting to be published, how do you stay focused on the same group?

Charmedhorses: You know, the characters are so much a part of me by now, it's really a matter of them presenting me with ideas. All of a sudden I'll think, "Oh, Ramoose_ would say that" or "Trini would do this!" It's really neat how they kind of speak to me.

Roxycaligirl101: I noticed the some of your character's names changed from the very first story. For example, PuppyTrix became Puppy_Trix. Why did you decide to change them?

Charmedhorses: The names evolved because another PuppyTrix and SeaZone were created after my story was published and I wanted to make sure I would always have the names to use. So, after my next story with them was published with altered names, I created an account with the bunch so I would have them sort of reserved. Trini and Ramoose_ have always been the same though.

Roxycaligirl101: I see. I think its a smart move so you don't have to worry about people claiming that you are using their pet without their permission.

Charmedhorses: Exactly. That was a mess I didn't want to get into.

Roxycaligirl101: You published the short story, Losing Lepp which wasn't about your classic team. Why did you decide to use different characters?

Charmedhorses: Losing Lepp stars my own pet, Purlp, and his Polarchuck, Lepp. I actually considered using the plot for a Trini story, but I had originally thought of it with Purlp and Lepp. In the end, I kept them as the characters. I thought it was a story that was special to them, as they have such a true friendship and I wanted it to be written that way.

Roxycaligirl101: I think it was a smart decision, Losing Lepp was amazing. What was your favorite Short Story to write?

Charmedhorses: My favorite short story to write was...hmmm...I suppose that would probably be No Ordinary Egg. I just loved the situation. It fit beautifully with the characters and was very fun to write.

Roxycaligirl101: Which character that you've created is your favorite?

Charmedhorses: SeaZ0ne, Trini, Puppy_Trix, and Ramoose_ are all my favorites. I simply can't pick one over the other. They all depend on one another and I think it's part of what makes the stories work.

Roxycaligirl101: any of your characters reflect yourself?

Charmedhorses: Well, there's a part of me in all of them. SeaZ0ne can't cook and neither can I. Ramoose_ is a big goof and I often feel that way. Puppy wants everything perfect, and anyone who knows me personally knows I'm quite obsessive over the littlest things. As for Trini, she says the things I wouldn't dare to, but she's got some of the attitude I think it might be fun to have. In reality though, I'm not sure I'd really want it. Over all, I suppose I relate most to Puppy.

Roxycaligirl101: You're living proof that an author likes to put a little piece inside of themselves into every character.
Roxycaligirl101: In the future, do you plan to write more about your well known characters or branch off into new and undiscovered characters?

Charmedhorses: Well, I do plan on writing more about Trini and her family, but I'm also going to start writing about other characters. There was Losing Lepp and in Issue 131, there is a short story about my Uni, Indipsi called Funny Face.

Roxycaligirl101: Awesome, I bet everyone can't wait to see what lovable characters you cook up.

Charmedhorses: Thanks.

Roxycaligirl101: You did numerous short stories before publishing an article, why the sudden change? Did you always want to write articles?

Charmedhorses: Well, I had an article published previously on my other account, Romantical. That was before I had decided that I wanted Charmedhorses to be my NT account and main account. Which I realized soon after, LOL. Anyway, I decided to write another article after our house was invaded by mice and rats, which gave me the inspiration for When Miamice Move In.

Roxycaligirl101: What was your favorite article to write?

Charmedhorses: Tough one, lol. Probably When Miamice Move In . I would just add little bits to it when I got the time. I wrote some of it at my dad's office and some of it at home. It was fun to have a continuous project, but even more fun to finish it!

Roxycaligirl101: I think those projects are the best kind.
Roxycaligirl101: You've published something in every section except a series, any chances that a series will be in your future? You going to be like Stoneman3x or Plushieowner and have work displayed in all four sections of The Neopian Times?

Charmedhorses: As a matter of fact, that's what I'm hoping for! I'm currently working on a series involving Trini...a short one, but a series, nonetheless.

Roxycaligirl101: Watch out, Plushieowner! Charmedhorses is taking over all four sections. I can't wait to read it.

Charmedhorses: LOL, thanks! Plushieowner's a classic NT writer though.

Roxycaligirl101: You're a classic, too. If not now, some day you will be. I'm sure Stoneman3x is shaking in his Lucky Green Boots about you being in every section. You can give the legends some competition.

Charmedhorses: Aw, thanks! I don't think Stone has anything to worry about though.
Charmedhorses: No matter how many times I'm published there will only be one Stoneman3x.

Roxycaligirl101: Aww, that's sweet. I'm sure Stone would be flattered.
Roxycaligirl101: Round of applause for Stoneman3x! *Claps hands*

Charmedhorses: *claps*

Roxycaligirl101: *continues to clap before grabbing and holding up a sign that says "Quiet Please!" to end the round of applause for the infamous Stone* Now back to the interview, if you could describe yourself as an author in one word, what would it be?

Charmedhorses: Determined. I know that writing is what I want to do with my life and I'm going to do what I have to, so I can get to where I want. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go around shoving people out of my way, I just know that that's where my future lies. That's where I want it to be. Something like that. LOL.

Roxycaligirl101: I'll be first in line when you have a best selling novel.

Charmedhorses: Thank you very much!

Roxycaligirl101: Did you ever think you would win "Quote of the Week?"

Charmedhorses: As for "Quote of the Week" that was another dream of mine. I didn't think it would happen this early on.

Roxycaligirl101: You deserve it! It was a good quote. What are your plans for the future at The Neopian Times? We know you plan to write more stories about SeaZ0ne, her Neopets, and her petpet. A series in the works. Any other sneak peeks you can give us?

Charmedhorses: Thanks! I think my future in the NT is mostly stories, articles and a short series. I hope to write more about my Uni and another story about Purlp and Lepp. There's a lot on my To Do list. LOL.

Roxycaligirl101: I'm sure there is, it sounds like a long To Do List.
Roxycaligirl101: What's your favorite thing about working for The Neopian Times?

Charmedhorses: My favorite thing...besides seeing my words in print I'd have to say it's the Neomails people send me. They are so sweet and encouraging. Then there's always a few "hate" mails that crack you up. Oh, and someone informed me after Help Make Neopia A Better Place that there are no garbage cans in Neopia. *bursts out laughing* I love that one!

Roxycaligirl101: *giggles* I love those very funny ones, too.

Charmedhorses: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Roxycaligirl101: What's the most important thing you've learned from The Neopian Times?

Charmedhorses: Well, make sure your story has a plot and to edit your stories. It's those little mistakes that are most embarrassing. At least for me.

Roxycaligirl101: What advice would you give hopefuls trying to get their work published?

Charmedhorses: Well, to be creative and original, proofread your work, and remember that the NT is not a competition against anyone but yourself. Most important, to have fun!

Roxycaligirl101: Now the opened ended question, anything you'd like to say or add to this interview? Any words of wisdom, inspiration quotes, shout-outs, declarations of war?

Charmedhorses: LOL. Well, I think it's important for all writers to be proud of their work. Don't settle for average - make it exactly how you want it to be. And remember that what's important is whether you like it, not whether or not anyone else likes it. Although that can be an added bonus.

Roxycaligirl101: That was very true and deep. Thanks again for the interview, Princess of Grammar. Wolfofthewoods is the Queen but you can be the Princess.

Charmedhorses: LOL, why thank you! I'm so honored to be Princess of Grammar! Thanks for taking the time to interview me, it was a pleasure.

Roxycaligirl101: *knights Charmedhorses* Arise as the Princess of Grammar!

Charmedhorses: Why thank you, Roxy! Another dream come true!

Roxycaligirl101: The pleasure was all mine and from now Charmedhorses shall be Princess of Grammar!

Charmedhorses: Thank you! *waves like the Disney Princesses on the floats*

Roxycaligirl101: Hehe. *waves with Charmed* Bye, Your Majesty!

Charmedhorses: Bye Great One!

Roxycaligirl101: Oh, quiet you! I'm not the Great One! Haha.

Charmedhorses: Does that conclude this sweet interview?

Roxycaligirl101: This is the end.

Charmedhorses: Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow as Shakespeare put it.

Roxycaligirl101: That it is, Your Highness.

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