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Shiver Me Timbers!

You open the book up, snorting a bit to yourself about silly Korbats. What a nut! This book seems to be a pirate tale! How exciting! As soon as you read the first 'shiver me timbers', however, you start to feel a bit... odd. Glancing up from the book, you give a startled shriek to notice you are no longer in a library at all, but on a strange longboat with black sails....

Your New Identity!
Oh, heavens! In fact, you don't seem to be yourself at all. You look rather like this:

"What?!" You cry, desperately closing the book and hoping it will all go away. Nothing changes, however, save for the fact that a raunchy laugh sounds behind you.

"'ere now, Lady Lennipi. Har har! Ya shouldn't get yer feathery duff all excited like that. Y'know we're not gonna let ya go till we see the ransom dubloons! Har!"

You whirl to face the sound, and find yourself beak to non-existant nose with a real live pirate!

"Blast it!" you cry. "Why did I have to read a book set on the high seas?!"

"Book!" growled the Kiko, spitting a bit of tigersquash onto the deck. "Let me tell ya what I thinks about books....

by L Written on January 4th, 2003 at 05:49 PM

1.Lady Lennipi interrupts in a most unladylike manner
2.Lennipi Listiens
Tell us what happens next!

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