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High seas, high tide, they all do their work...

Lady Lennipi moaned as her captor was about to deliver his pithy comment on all book learning. The rocking of the ship was having its expected effect, and the bits of tigersquash on the deck were noisily joined by the remains of her last meal.

"Blast ye to Davey Jones' locker!" the kiko pirate roared as he bounced backwards.

Lady Lennipi didn't reply, just held her wings against her heaving stomach and tried not to make the mess bigger.

"A fine kettle of koi," growled the pirate. "Your ransom just went up another thousand points! You!" he rounded on a pirate krawk, "get this landlubber below, and get her a pan."

"Yessir," was the quick reply.

Lady Lennipi was hustled away as the pirate captain barked another order to a blumaroo standing nearby, "and what do ye think you're doing, standing there? Swab that deck clean afore I have ye keelhauled!"

The rest of the captain's tirade was lost along with the fresh air as Lady Lennipi found herself hustled down a dark and smelly passage before being pushed into a slightly damp cabin. The krawk poked his head inside long enough to see that the required bowl was on the single table before slamming the door.

A few more dry heaves into the bowl didn't ease her stomach, but reassured her as to her status. A groan sounded through the room as the lady sat down on the floor and leaned back against the wall. The slight rustling of the hammock as it shifted with the ship's movement confirmed the wisdom of her decision.

How had it all come to this? What was going to happen next? She wasn't at all sure of that second question, but the answers to the first were only too clear and painful.

by Scriptfox Written on January 8th, 2003 at 12:19 AM

1.She had been kidnapped while walking alone on the beach
2.The castle had been raided.
Tell us what happens next!

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