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Story Tree Branches from Episode number 1

Into the Deep Catacombs...
***What a load of dust!
***And we have a "POOOF"!
***It was like this...
***Leather and Lace
***Darn book...
***Did anyone say boo?
***Uh-oh, what's this?
***Shiver Me Timbers!
***High seas, high tide, they all do their work...   View Sub-tree
***Island Madness!!
***Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You...   View Sub-tree
***A Fantastic Leap!   View Sub-tree
***What?! On the streets?
***Look, a Computer!
***Huh? What's that?
***Buddy - Computer - Repair
***Maybe the computer catalog is inaccurate?   View Sub-tree
***The REAL reason you're in the library...
***Hm...What Shall I Read?
***Oh, What's In a Name?
***A nasty brew!   View Sub-tree
***An Unexpected Guest   View Sub-tree
***And outside we find...
***I'm late, I'm late for a very important ... er, something.
***your meeting with Heilley and Kootmufin
***Hurry! RUN!!!
***More research to do, looks like!
***Gaelan's Quest
***A mysterious rescuer
***Oh, why me?
***And who is this?
***I'm hungreeeee....
***Why did you get the lousiest person do a report on!
***Copy... zzz... copy... zzz...
***Bronchitis is horrible!
***Heh heh heh...
***You're in trouble...
***Too Cowardly, Are We?
***The JubJub Who ALMOST Saved Neopia?
***You're the Squire!
***I'm in love!
***A Mysterious Note...
***Maybe it's a new hidden tower weapon?
***The Joke's on you!
***Fyora's Diary
***Hiding the Tower
***Aisha Myriad!